Today is one of those days when I am sure that my head will just explode. Jack has been sick (read: crying non-stop), meaning that I can count on one hand the number of hours I’ve slept since Thursday. Mostly I’m exhausted and worn out because it kills me to see him so sick, knowing I can’t do a thing to make him feel better…but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t wishing for a moment of silence and peace for myself, too. Carolyn is, as usual, quietly taking everything in. Most of my time has been split between comforting Jack and making sure Carolyn gets enough snuggles and kisses. Looking forward to Tuesday- I’m taking a mental vacation, and putting Luis in charge for a day.

Classes start on Wednesday, and I’m already looking forward to getting back into it. I can’t wait for my Arabic class to begin. I’ve been flipping through my books, and I even learned my first word: باب (door). I’m not sure how far that would get me in a conversation.

What’s on the menu for tonight: Hottie black eyed peas, ginger mashed yams, and key lime pie- all courtesy of the PPK. I found about a dozen new recipes on there that I can’t wait to try. I love their diversity of foods. Also, they veganized spaghetti-o’s. Enough said.


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