C’est la Vie

This is what life has been about for the past few days: Jack screaming, Carolyn sleeping. I moved Jack upstairs with me because it seems to be the only way to get him to sleep for an extended period of time. This guarantees that I will get almost no sleep, because when Jack is sick he absolutely cannot sleep anywhere other than ON TOP OF ME. Last night I laid on my stomach with Jack sprawled across my back. I know I should be totally exasperated…but he is my son, and so it is heartbreaking and adorable.

I finally got him to hang out in his crib for a bit, which allows me to sit in the kitchen, bolt down a smoothie and a Larabar (i could live off of these), and swirl my thoughts around in my head for a minute.  I also brought The Kite Runner downstairs in a moment of optimism, but it doesn’t look too promising. I can hear Jack getting agitated already.

Looking forward to Luis visiting tomorrow. Big plans: pastries and café au lait at C’est La Vie. Also, back to school shopping. Why is that exciting?

P.S.: Healthy chocolate.


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