Wednesdays are going to be my most exhilarating days, I think. They go something like this:

6:30 : wake up, out the door by 7 for a run.

8:00 : come home to kids already dressed and fed, long hot shower 🙂

8:45 : juice(!) and Larabar

10:00 : French class

11:00 : home for delicious lunch

1:00 : Creative Writing

2:30 : home to pick up rested and fed kids (and and a worn-out Dad), playground, errands (grocery store, usually, for a produce stock-up; besides Jack learning new words and Carolyn smiling, this is the most exciting part of my day!)

4-5:00 : home to drop everyone off

6:30 : Arabic class

9:30 : come home to kids sleeping soundly and dinner hot on the stove, homework, and Tuesday’s Glee.

Very exciting and busy, which I like. The only down-side? Lots o’ time away from Jack and Carolyn. I’m sure after a few weeks it will become routine and I’ll stop spending half of my time in class thinking about what they’re doing at that very moment, lamenting the fact that I’m missing an entire day’s worth of laughter and discovery…but I digress. My Arabic class doesn’t begin until the first of February, so I still have next week’s Wednesday to adjust and prepare myself.

Last night I sat through an orientation for my News Reporting/Writing course. I wasn’t sure that I would be so hot on the class, but after last night’s meeting I’m pretty sure I’m in for a great semester. The work involves a lot of interviewing and talking to people I don’t know (which sends my anxiety levels through the roof), but I think it will be healthy for me to have to do things like that. I can’t spend my life in only those social situations which are most comfortable for me. I have to learn to get my hands dirty!

The orientation also opened an exciting window of opportunity- to get involved with the college’s (award winning) newspaper! In my high school years, I would have thought that this would make me a total nerd. My present self knows differently- or maybe I just don’t care. In any case, I’m excited about it. I volunteered to fill the Arts Editor position. Throughout the semester I’ll also be writing articles, both to fulfill the requirements for my Reporting course and also to boost my portfolio for my Grad School applications.

This  sudden surge of possibilities and activities is new to me. Most of my life has been glossed-over with a film of listless apathy. I can’t say that I’ve ever been too invested in my future- up until this past fall, I hadn’t even seriously planned on finishing undergrad. I am in uncharted waters, and I like it.


Snapshots from yesterday:

Driving home from the grocery store and watching Jack rock out to “Man In the Mirror” in the rear-view.

Sitting in French class feeling like I don’t belong, sure that everyone is staring at me. It’s High School all over again.

Standing in a hall full of gawking students while an Administrator hugs me and shouts, “I’ve been dying to meet you!”


What’s on the menu for tonight: Yummy miso soba stir-fry!


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