Hot Cocoa Snaps

Another discussion post, this one about food (my favorite!)


       Pulled from the freezer, where I store them to keep fresh and away from little hands: hot cocoa snaps. The grainy cane-sugar coating sticks to my fingers and lips, and when I bite down my teeth crack through the cookie, sprinkling more sugar into my cupped hand. My taste buds are met first with the overt taste of the sugar, a flash of sweetness before the smooth and slightly bitter cocoa overcomes it. Breathing in through my nose, I can smell the coldness with an undertone of deep cocoa and cinnamon. I lick my fingers while I try to describe the feeling of the cold smell in my nose, and then give up.

        As I chew, the cookie crumbles, morphing from crunchy and crispy into crumbly and chewy, a perfect cocoa bite melting into the most delicious sand in my mouth. Too much cocoa bite, because the flavor is everywhere and I’m still chewing trying to focus on one aspect of this experience at a time.

        It becomes almost creamy, and that’s when the heat kicks in- the half-teaspoon of cayenne pepper I added to the dough. It swarms over my tongue, swelling it just a hair, and lingers on the tip. Not enough to warrant a sip of water, but definitely lending its charm to the cookie. It warms my mouth and stays with me long after I have swallowed, after all of the little cookie crumbles have been flushed out.


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