For the record, the beets became part of a farro salad.

Today was trying.

L. and I got into an argument last night, and so this morning was full of that uncomfortable silence in which neither person wants to speak to the other for fear of “disagreement resuscitation.” How did I cope? By being my most fashionable self, of course. Signature color (BLACK) + denim jacket + leopard print flats = much, much better. Add to that Jack’s appearance at a reading event I participated in for Creative Writing class, and I could almost forget that there were angry eyes and a furrowed brow waiting for me back home.

Honestly, what really turned my day around was spending forty-five minutes in the produce department of Whole Foods. Mother Nature is truly the most talented artist- such colors and textures, a likeness of which I could only ever hope to recreate with my sad, sticky tubed pigments. My heart leaps at the sight of golden beet bunches- vibrant green leaves, woody rose-tinted stalks, ocher tubers flecked with dirt hanging heavy at the ends…such extraordinary beauty. I lost myself in the folds of the greens- collards, with their pale veins in stark contrast to their wide, fanning leaves. Dinosaur kale, crinkled and dark with a soft velvet texture, a strange organic elegance. Rainbow chard with its delightful multicolored stalks. This afternoon, I found an oasis in those leafy bundles.

$75 later, that oasis is now crammed into my fridge. I realized something as I was trying to tetris everything onto the shelves- when I am feeling down, I gravitate toward healthy foods. Fresh, brightly colored fruits and veggies, exotic rices, adzuki beans…these things all cheer me up considerably, but they’re also good for my body. I have learned to heal myself with things that truly do me good, and that (to me) is what personal growth is all about: knowing how to meet my own needs and nourish my self- inside and out.


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