Terza Rima

Another assignment for Creative Writing- write a poem in terza rima form. What a nightmare. This is my rough copy.


I, as a Dancing Feather

Stepping out of shadow and into the light,

I’m weightless, free to float,

Cutting the lines to every breaking-glass fight.

Leaving behind neither scrap nor mote,

Yanking tethers from their iron stakes,

My self soars- its script rewrote.

Shedding my heart’s soulful aches,

Cloud cover clearing,

My Being awakes.

Away from your malevolent sneering,

I’ve finally found my blissful niche-

Departure, never have you been so endearing.

Catapulted into a wild leap in which

My worth is properly redefined-

There is solace in this long-overdue perception switch.

In these brown eyes you’ll never find

the light of love again enshrined.



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