Day Two.

Second day of fasting, and not much to report. If I thought I was quick with juicing and cleanup before, it didn’t hold a candle to my current abilities. I am now a champion speed-juicer. A good portion of my day is spent prepping fruit and veggies and cleaning the juicer, but it’s very therapeutic and meditative.

I feel clearer- my thoughts are much more crisp, my mind seems more organized, and emotionally I have been extremely stable and relaxed. Adjusting to juicing 24/7 hasn’t been the ordeal I thought it would be, and I think that has a lot to do with my normal diet consisting of almost no processed food. The things that I heard from other people about detoxing during the first few days really had me thinking that I was in for some sort of uphill battle, but honestly last night was the worst of it. I’ve been keeping tea and water close at hand, so I’m pretty much always drinking something, and that has helped me a great deal.

The most interesting thing is that I’m not hungry. Yesterday I was hungry, but it was a singularly mental hunger. My last glass of juice was at around 8 this evening, and I still feel no urge to eat. I think that it is an important process- for me to get used to feeling satisfied from smaller quantities. You can get into a rhythm with food, and you want to eat a certain amount because it tastes good or it’s just there, when in reality you only need a fraction of that portion to be satisfied. I think that is a major issue with people today. We just eat too damn much- myself included.

Overall, I feel pretty good- both physically and emotionally. I suspected that by now I’d have fallen off the wagon, but here I stand! I’m anxious to see how this next week goes, and how I’m feeling after ten days of just juice.


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