Yesterday, I woke up with a mission: to get our house into a presentable state for Jack’s upcoming birthday party. I like to keep the house picked-up and try to vacuum on a regular basis, but with everyone keeping such active schedules, sometimes housekeeping duties can fall by the wayside. My mother likes open and inviting spaces with light colors and room to move around, and she has some big plans for her house, but I knew that there had to be a way to just give the rooms new life without any major and immediate overhauling.

Enter rearranging. With the great weather we’ve been having, the kids and I have been spending a lot of time in our porch and sunroom. The more time I spent in there, the more I realized how little the furniture suited each room. We had papasan chairs in the sunroom, but because of the cats we had stacked them in the corner. This was taking up a ton of room and the chairs were totally unusable. In the porch we had beautiful wicker rocking chairs and matching coffee table, but their bulk made it difficult to comfortably move around- this in addition to a stack of plastic bins storing our stuff. We also had a gorgeous 200+ year-old farm bench on our front porch, but the weather was doing it no favors and it was rarely used due to the peeling paint flakes.

As I type this, I am seated on our beloved farm bench…in the sunroom, centered in front of a huge window looking out onto our backyard. The papasan chairs were moved into the screened-in porch, along with some wooden rockers. We bought new cushions for them (on sale at Pier 1!), and when we’re not sitting in them we can hang them from hooks to protect them from the cats. The bins have been cleaned out (mostly), and relocated to the basement. The wicker furniture was moved onto the front porch, making the front of the house look much more like a cozy cottage home and creating a comfortable spot to sit and watch the rain. We added some impatiens to the front setup and moved end tables to either side of the bench in the sunroom, and at almost no cost we completely changed the entire feel of our house.

I have been marveling at the difference a few changes in decor can make. The house is so open and comfortable- I want to be in these rooms, and that’s how you are supposed to feel at home. I have been making a serious effort to keep on top of the kids’ stuff, and so far, so good. Taking a few seconds to clean up throughout the day has made a substantial difference. Jack and Carolyn are much happier, too. Carolyn has been enjoying crawling around in the sunroom, and now that Jack’s toys are all in one place and organized, he’s having a much better time finding the ones he wants.

Too often I can resort to spending money or getting involved in a major project in order to implement a change in some aspect of my life. Let this be a reminder to myself that I have everything I need to create a space for myself in this world- I just need to put the right pieces in the right places.


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