Day Nine.

Still juicing! Although, it definitely will not extend further than Saturday. I miss eating! Worse than that, I miss cooking. I am so glad that I did this, and definitely intend on doing a fast with each passing season, but there is no way we’re going to hit thirty days on this one. That being said…two weeks is not too shabby, if I do say so myself. Mentally, I feel rejuvenated and centered. Physically, I do feel a bit…clearer…but honestly, I don’t feel any major difference, and I credit that entirely to my plant-based diet. I really don’t think there was much to do in terms of detoxing, which makes me feel pretty good.

In other news, at around 6:15 this morning, I was mid-way through falling down my staircase. I slipped on one of the many items littering my (newly cleaned…) staircase and went flying to the bottom. Ouch, but my fault. My first thought as I sat at on the floor at the foot of the stairs breathing through a wrenched shoulder was, “There’s no way I’m going for a run now.” This event set the tone for my entire day.

I could have brushed off my run. My back is still sore, and my shoulder feels a little tender- but realistically, I am fine. I didn’t sustain any serious injuries, nor did I bang any part of my body that might have interfered with my running performance. I didn’t have a real reason not to run- I just didn’t feel like doing it. I sat on the floor and reassured myself: I could always go tomorrow. Then I zipped my phone into my pocket and walked out the door.

I am so glad that I didn’t let myself get away with that atrocious cop-out. I ended up having a great run- I found a small loop in another neighborhood close to my house that I could run around, and I set a new PR for time. I discovered that, despite insisting that I do not like running in circles, I actually enjoyed my little (.1 mi!) loop. After a mile’s worth, I had stopped worrying about where my feet were falling and let my thoughts wander, a much more effective way of passing the time. I also ran without a watch or iPod. No little beeps clicking off miles and keeping track of my pace. No rhythm to keep my feet moving. Just me and by breath and my legs, working in unison for 31 loops. It was one of my most fulfilling runs to date.

There will always be reasons not to do the things we should. There is always something less strenuous, more indulgent, more appealing. Allowing yourself to give in to these excuses can become habit- the motivation goes out the window. Chronic procrastination resulting in a forfeit of responsibilities, and it only takes one time to open that box. I’ve lived that, and I’m never going back. No excuses.


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