Being Superwoman.

First off, I changed the blog name. If my stats are correct, I have more than a few people checking in here on a daily basis, and before I got too involved I wanted to make sure that the name was one that I connected with. So, welcome to Being Elizabeth!

Late last night (very early this morning?) I was woken up by a thunderstorm that passed over our area. I am not the kind of person who can bounce in and out of sleep with ease- I don’t nap. I don’t “go back to sleep.” Once I’m awake, my day has begun. So the storm last night was an alarm clock, and in the early hours I was left to lay in bed and listen and think.

I had gone to bed filled with a sense of inexplicable pride in myself for what I do- all that I do. I put great effort into balancing a number of elements of my life, and it’s my belief that if you’re going to make something a part of your life, do it well or don’t bother. I thought about a typical day, week, month, and all that I accomplish in that time…and I felt pretty good. So, naturally, I posted that good feeling on Facebook…and got a few supportive comments from my friends. And that felt good too, because I want to make them proud and be a positive force in their lives.

But now I need to qualify those feelings, because I think that in those few words there were a number of important sentiments that went unmentioned. I am not Superwoman. I do many things- I run, I do yoga, I cook, I go to school, I raise two great kids, I put in the effort required to eat well and maintain a plant-based diet for both myself and my children. I write, I read, I paint, and I make time to see my friends. But I am not Superwoman.

There are so many things that I don’t do. First off, I don’t have a job. Yes, caring for my children is a huge responsibility that takes up a good 99% of my time, but I don’t have to be anywhere specific for 6-8 hours of my day, and there is no commute. That’s A LOT of extra time on my hands to do the things that I AM doing. I don’t do the dishes or clean the house as often as I should- and I almost never clean my room. So yeah, there is a pile of laundry on my floor, and the vacuum only gets pushed around about once a week, but that’s okay with me. I also don’t watch TV, “hang out” or play games on the computer, or browse in stores. All of these things take up time that I choose to spend elsewhere- and sometimes I think it would be nice to just stand in the middle of a grocery store isle and completely forget what I came for, just to have that mental freedom for a moment. So while I do a lot of different things, I don’t “do it all.”

But I know women who do. Superwoman is the single mother who went back to school to help council children on the Autistic spectrum. The young woman working an emotionally taxing job helping people rebuild their lives after struggling through life’s rougher times. Following a rigorous Jillian Michaels 90-day program (and blogging about it!). Attending IN and working every single day to inspire people to live healthy, active lifestyles. Living with a sick parent. Living with a sick parent-in-law. Being brave enough to send your words out into the world. Being a military wife. Being a mother. Rebuilding your life in the Midwest to support the educational goals of the person you love. Starting your own line of clothing and accessories. Moving to Malaysia. This is what being Superwoman is all about, and I’m proud to know a few of them.

Whatever you do, do it well and with love- then take pride in it, and in yourself. That’s being Superwoman.


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