Go Green Get Fit Challenge

Just as my juice fast is ending, another challenge has cropped up- the Go Green Get Fit Challenge over at EcoMom Alliance! This was actually just recently brought to my attention, but it coincides perfectly with my current goal of getting back into shape and reclaiming my body after almost three years of continuous pregnancy and breastfeeding. Whew! I have to say, it’s so good to have my body (mostly) back. This challenge is going to help keep me accountable for putting the work in to achieve my fitness goals.

The challenge for this week is to share what we want to achieve through this:

1. Iron out a consistent and achievable running regimen. Too often I find myself cutting runs short or skipping them altogether because of lack of available childcare. This stops immediately- I am vowing to do whatever it takes to carve that time out for myself, and if it means going to sleep at 9 to wake up at 5, then I guess I’m an early riser!

2. Make time for yoga. Yoga is another activity that I LOVE, but that I tend to push to the side. When I make time for it, I find that I am more relaxed, balanced, and better able to handle daily stresses. I need to set aside some time to practice yoga each week- preferably 30 minutes five times a week. This sounds like a lot of time to scrounge up, but I know that I can make it work.

3. Run the Rock N Roll half-marathon in September, and set a PR for time in the 10k in October. These are the big goals that I want to focus on throughout this challenge- I want to get my body into a healthy condition, but I also want to run these races, and working toward my other fitness goals will help me in my training.

4. Eat at least one salad every day, and limit baking to once a week. This isn’t a fitness goal per-se, but it does play a major role in my success throughout this challenge. To get my body into the condition that I want, I need to really amp up my daily nutritional profile. I already strive to eat healthy, wholesome foods, but I also love baked goods. As much as I try to always up the nutrition with whole wheat flours and natural sweeteners, at the end of the day sugar is sugar, and it will never benefit me the way a big bowl of greens will.

So there you have it! My goals for the next twelve weeks. I’ll be updating weekly on here and participating in discussion posts over in the EcoMom forum. Here’s to aiming high and hitting higher!


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