Packet Pickup in Philly

Yesterday was packet pickup for the Color Run! It was so much fun to be amidst hundreds of different people, each and every one of them there for the same reason- to get ready to RUN. Best of all, this race isn’t timed, so although some people might be working to beat personal bests, the collective goal is to have fun and get messy.

The kids and I took off around 11. I wanted to get there as close to opening time as possible, since it’s been so hot here and I wanted to beat the crowds.


We scored parking near the venue, but the temperature was climbing! We were all a little dazed.


First stop- the gear tent! I was dying for one of their cute black v-necks, but I couldn’t justify spending $20 on a shirt just because it said “The Color Run” on the bottom right hemline- especially since I got a lot of other fun gear. I did pick up a t-shirt for Jack. There was a last-minute change of plans, and the kids will now be joining me at the run to cheer for their Mama- along withmy Mum! So fun.


Even though we had gotten there early, it was still pretty busy. People had already started lining up for packets and shirts.


We found a shady spot to wait, and the kids took turns laying in the stroller.


Considering how hot it was, and the fact that we were just standing in a line for 15 minutes, they were incredibly well-behaved- especially Jack’s little 2-year-old self. I think it had something to do with all of the opportunities for climbing

Image…and the nice view of the Art Museum and fountains. Jack kept pointing to them and yelling, “Aguaaaa!”

ImageWe finally got into the tent. I picked up my gear, as well as my friend Faith’s. The Color Run definitely gets an A+ for gear- each runner even gets their own packet of color to toss into the crowd at the finish line! Check out the “poser” bag from Lululemon:

ImagePackets in-hand, we headed over to Chinatown to meet James and Emily. There is a dumpling house that my friends and I have been going to for years. I used to gorge myself on their spicy pork dumplings- the best I’ve ever had. M. and I once took a bus from Chinatown NY to Chinatown Philly just for dumplings. I was thrilled when they said they’d swap the pork for veggie- so thrilled, in fact, that I forgot to take a picture. I guess that means I have to get more tomorrow? 🙂 I did get a shot of Jack slurping down my iced tea…


No trip into a city is complete without some street art. That’s something I miss about New York. Yes, you read that correctly- I pine for graffiti.


It was great to spend the day bumming around in the city. I make a real effort to walk the kids around town here, but it is definitely a lot easier in an urban environment. I think Philly is hugely underestimated as well- now that I am becoming more familiar with it, I am realizing what a fun city it is! We spent some time walking around the Walnut-street area, and it was beautiful! Though, I don’t think the kids were used to all the activity…


It was a quiet drive home 🙂 Speaking of home, I have to say that I felt a pull in my chest when we started passing local scenery.

ImageCan’t I just live in both places?


 My heart already does.


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