Adventures on the Playground.

This was originally supposed to be a post about being a single Mum. I had intended to write a little bit about my experience with what I consider to be the most challenging and rewarding task a person can tackle. However…being a single Mum, by definition, means that there is only one of me. So, for instance, if neither one of my children is too enthusiastic about going to bed at night, it ties my hands a bit (not to mention rattles my brain and wrings me out like a dry sponge). In short, tonight I was too busy being a single parent to write about being a single parent.

So instead, I give you…playground pictures adventures!

ImageFor those of you who don’t know, Jack, Carolyn, and I are playground fanatics. Jack obviously likes to play on and in them. He is also a huge fan of the outdoors.

ImageWe get to a playground about 6 times a week, and spend anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours hanging out. On days when we don’t have much to do, we’ll pile in the stroller and walk. Carolyn usually catches some zzz’s…

Image…while Mommy does yoga! I always throw my mat into the car or on the stroller handle when we go out, just in case. The playgrounds in our area are perfect because they’re gated, so Jack stays put and I don’t have to shadow him to make sure he doesn’t run into the street.

ImageHe runs and climbs, Carolyn snoozes, and I stretch and meditate. It’s a flawless system. Of course, no adventure is complete without a snack!

ImageCherries are a favorite in our house- so much so that I invested in a cherry pitter! In all seriousness, it was a very worthwhile purchase for us. Jack is even learning to use it!

ImagePrior to this device, Jack was totally deprived of the cherry experience because I was so afraid of a mishap with the pits. But those days are gone! Now we can all nosh worry-free.

ImageExcept for Carolyn. She’s a big bundle of nerves.

ImageWe are fortunate to be so near to town- there are three great playgrounds within walking distance (plus a Starbucks for Mommy!). I try to walk as much as possible- it keeps my body active and loose, and I can feel a huge difference when I run. Pushing the loaded stroller also works the muscles in my arms. If walking is out of the question (usually a time constraint), we’ll do a quick drive-by so Jack can get a few minutes on the swings. Regardless of time, we always take plenty of pictures.



ImageFun fact: Jack actually took that picture of me. He even said, “cheese!” as he held down the button. A genius, I tell ya!

ImageSo that’s a general outline of our playground goings-on. These pictures were taken on Tuesday at Peaceable Kingdom and earlier today at the Brian Gregg Memorial. No playground yesterday- the kids were too busy hanging out with Papi!

We’re in a trial period, testing the waters to see if it will work having Luis come out to visit each week. So far so good! J & C definitely enjoy seeing him, and it makes a huge difference when I have an extra set of hands hanging around. I blew through five loads of laundry, a double-sink full of dishes, two three-mile runs, 90 minutes of yoga and five hours of math homework, plus a grocery store sweep. Win!

The only hiccup is that, naturally, Jack gets upset when Luis leaves (Carolyn seems indifferent- pause for laughs). Tonight was really tough for J.- he had zero interest in his bed, preferring instead to build himself into hysterics while hurling his teddy bear across his room. Yikes.

Despite what I thought were sure signs of a major meltdown, once I got Carolyn to sleep I was able to swoop Jack up to my room to watch a movie and much on a veggie salad. It was definitely one of those unforgettable chunks of time that I will think back on in the years to come- it felt really special to be hanging out late at night, Mom and Jack, watching a movie in bed. He made it through an hour and a half of Harry Potter 7 (part 1), and by the time his attention wore thin, he was content to go down to sleep.

My wailing banshees have turned into softly snoring cherubs. Now that’s magic.



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