Five Things Friday.


Five things:


1. The Rock N Roll Marathon series is giving away free stuff every day for the next month! I am running two of their races- the Philly half and the New York 10k– and I have heard that the races and the expo are both fantastic. To enter to win the daily giveaways, all you have to do is ‘like’ their Facebook page and each giveaway they post. I’m in with my fingers crossed! 🙂

2. Back in…oh, I don’t even remember- May? I participated in an Art and Poetry show at Penn Foundation. I was asked to read my poetry, and also won third place for a mixed media on canvas that I had done of Jack and myself. Today I walked down to get the mail and found two envelopes from Penn Foundation sitting in my mailbox. Inside were two separate money orders. Apparently, there were cash prizes! Woop!

3. Check out these amazing teether accessories for Mamas. Such a great idea! I know I get crazy trying to keep track of all the toys floating around the bottom of my purse. These seem much easier.

4. I love this blog post from one of my local yoga studios. I plan on doing a post about why I do yoga and how I came to it, which will tie in to prana and its importance. For now, let this post inspire you.

5. Untranslatable words. Enough said.


3 thoughts on “Five Things Friday.

    • Yoga can be a really good way to ease yourself into regular exercise, because it encourages you to push yourself but not to the point that, say, running does. In yoga there is always somewhere to go further, but you also learn to appreciate exactly where you are.

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