Saturday: Still Sick.


Yes, that is Jack checking himself out in my car’s passenger-side mirror, wearing my aviators. What can I say, the child is a stunner!

We’re all still sick, so we skipped the Farmer’s Market this morning in favor of sitting around munching our way through a 1/2 peck of apples. So refreshing and light. I’ve been guzzling Pellegrino, and the combination of fizzy and crunchy-sweet is heavenly. I love sparkling water, but I can never bring myself to pay the high price. James once told me that when you buy bottled water, even the cheapest cases, you pay more per gallon than you do for gas- and Pellegrino hovers around $2 a bottle. Yikes. I’m looking forward to owning a Sodastream someday…

We may head up to Solebury Orchards soon for some fresh air and the last of the season’s peaches, but for now we’re leaning into our laziness. I have some homework that needs to be done- a reading of Mark Doty’s Atlantis, a book of poetry inspired by the death of his partner in 1994 from AIDS (a heartwarming tale!). I’m about halfway through, and it is beautiful, but it’s also breaking my heart. Best tackled in installments…

Alright, now we’re going to the Orchard.

Happy Saturday!


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