Bloom U!

I am writing this post from the passenger seat of a rental car, on my way home from visiting my brother at Bloomsburg University! I was going to save this post for Sunday night, but we had such a great time, I couldn’t wait to re-live it by typing it all up.

We left a bit later than expected this morning, which meant that instead of driving with two sleeping children, we drove up with two chatty kids playing peek-a-boo and holding hands in the back seat.


Carolyn did sleep in short spurts- she woke up this morning with a low fever, but since that’s her only symptom I am hoping it’s a sign of an emerging tooth. I am beginning to wonder if she won’t just be a toothless wonder, since we haven’t seen any action on the tooth front yet.

It was such a gorgeous drive up. The scenery on the way to Bloom is so beautiful, it didn’t feel like the 2 1/2 hour drive that it was.

Seeing James was such a treat. I don’t vocalize it too much, but I miss my brothers all the time. Seeing them is like opening a door into the most brilliant sunlight. I spent most of the day feeling so glad that my mother and I made the trip up to visit.

We parked downtown and met James and Emily, popped the kids into the stroller, and walked around Bloomsburg. First stop: a little street market!

Most of the vendors were packing up, but it was still fun to walk through and see what was there- mostly local farmers selling in-season veggies and herbs. Check out the adorable parsley display:

There was a booth overflowing with some of the most beautiful tomatoes I had ever seen, but I didn’t think they’d make it through the day bouncing around underneath the stroller or boiling away in the car.

We also stopped in to a little chocolate shop where they had a huge chocolate fondue fountain set up. They had different things to dip and sample, totally free to the public!

We were all about it. We stuffed our faces, and then headed off for…more food.

We had an actual lunch at a local burrito place, Ready Go Burrito. They had come up when I had searched for veg-friendly eateries near Bloom, and James said that their food was pretty good.

I got a whole wheat tortilla burrito with grilled tofu, black and refried beans, cilantro-lime rice, guacamole, salsa, onions, and mushrooms. Delicious!

We took advantage of the great weather and walked around downtown Bloomsburg and the University’s campus, and snacked on more chocolate. It is such a beautiful little town, and the campus is like a picture.

We also got a peek at the dorms, and the incredible view out Emily’s window:

Then it was time for some football on the quad. Start ’em young!

We chased each other and the football around for a while. Jack didn’t quite understand what to do, so he settled for chasing the ball around the field and periodically throwing himself onto the ground. Carolyn took a much-needed nap in the stroller while we played and enjoyed the weather. Bloomsburg is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been- there is a soothing quiet there that is hard to find around here. It felt so good to be there! Of course, I might have been a little swayed, since we were in such great company.

After we had all had our fill of running around like maniacs, we walked back into town for some refreshment. We met up with this lovely lady…

Joy was up visiting a friend of hers who also goes to Bloomsburg, and she walked down to meet us for dinner. Win! We all went to the Prana Juice Bar and Namaste Cafe to assess Bloomsburg’s first vegan eatery. Honestly, this place really deserves its own post- it was that good, and that interesting. But here is a preview of one of the most incredible veggie burgers I have ever had in my life:

We said our goodbyes after dinner, and Joy went to meet her friend while Mum and I strapped the kids back into the car. It was sad saying goodbye to James, but I’m looking forward to seeing him at Bloom again soon- as well as the next time he comes home to visit.

Today was legitimately one of the best days of my life. We had such a wonderful time, and I felt like I was really able to unwind, relax, and enjoy my time with my family. Looking forward to the next visit! For now, I am tired.

Tomorrow’s plan: CSA pickup, an Arts Festival in Doylestown, and an attempt at punching out a full summary of our Namaste Cafe experience. Let me tell you, it’s worth reading about!


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