Doylestown Arts Festival and Sunday’s CSA.

First things first- this morning I began an impromptu juice fast! I am aiming for 5-10 days, but will extend it accordingly, depending on how I’m feeling time-wise. I am actually joining Moms on the initial stretch of her reboot to offer support and encouragement, as well as to give myself a much-needed cleanse. When I did my first reboot in July, I had said I would like to do a cleanse with every change of seasons, so joining Moms is the perfect opportunity for me since the weather has been cooling down significantly and we’re starting to see the first signs of Fall. This time around will be a bit more challenging because of my long days at school and Carolyn’s ever-increasing mobility, but I am determined to figure it out.

This morning I got up and juiced enough for my morning juice, plus two additional mason jars to carry me through until 3, when I got home from school. I have never actually juiced ahead of time and stored it for later consumption- during my last fast, I juiced fresh every time, so developing an on-the-go system is going to be a change. So far, so good! In this morning’s juice (keep in mind, this made almost a gallon): two bunches of kale, four lemons, a three-inch cut of ginger, three cucumbers, seven apples, and two pears. Super filling, and super yummy. This is such a perfect way to welcome Fall.

Between the cleanse and our fantastic weekend, today feels too good to be Monday! Yesterday the kids and I spent the day with Moms, Maurya, and Julius. Moms and I stopped up at the CSA to pick up our shares for the week. They usually have a local product featured there, like flour from the mill up the street or olive oils/balsamics from a nearby producer. This week, they had a beekeeper with organic raw honey!

It was so interesting hearing her talk about the bees, harvesting the honey, and how they acquire and care for the bees. She had a honeycomb on hand for people to touch and sample the honey (which was delicious!).

I am never sure how Jack will react to things like this- sometimes he surprises me by jumping right in, like when he went on the rides at the Grange Fair, while other times he’ll totally chicken out. He was definitely into the honey thing once he tasted it, though! He even got to wear one of the hats!

She also explained how they get more bees (they order them!), and showed us the little box that the queen bee is delivered in, along with some worker bees.

The box is fitted with a hard candy plug, and by the time the other bees chew through the candy, they are familiar with the new queen bee and together they maintain the hive. I know there is some debate over honey in the vegan world, but I feel about honey the same way I do about eggs- we buy sparingly, and always from ethical and considerate suppliers.

I am so in love with this CSA- it is warm and inviting, and they have a great selection of different fruits and veggies. The family that operates it is so nice, so picking up each week is pleasant and fun.

This week’s share: a cantaloupe, a bag of tomatillos, two summer squash (one zucchini, one pattypan), two winter squash, three bell peppers, one onion, a head of nappa cabbage, three tomatoes, a bunch of beets, 8 carrots, four leeks, celery, a bunch of red russian kale (my favorite!), and a bag of snap peas. I also snipped some stevia and chocolate mint for juicing.

I have been waiting for carrots- I love fresh carrot juice, so I was pretty excited to see them show up. Anything that can be juiced will be, and the rest will either be preserved (winter squash- pureed and frozen, tomatoes- canned), or served up to J & C. Lately I’ve been cooking my way through it during the week, and on Friday pulling out the leftovers and throwing it all into a big pot of soup in the slow cooker. It’s an excellent system.

I know Luis is going to be all over the tomatillos- I am expecting to see a salsa verde tomorrow night. I am determined to get Jack and Carolyn eating the snap peas- I was snacking on them yesterday, and they’re so sweet and yummy!

After the CSA, Moms and I met Maurya and Julius and headed into Doylestown to walk around the Arts Festival. It was so much fun to walk with the kids and see all of the local area artists out selling their beautiful and unique crafts and creations.

These clothespin bags were really neat- they velcro-ed onto the line while you were hanging clothes out to dry, but there was also a loop to hang the bag on a hook when not in use. I took some pictures of them and am hoping I can produce one for my mother as soon as I have a free minute.

I also ran into the vanity of my dreams. This guy has one of the largest used furniture stores in the area, mostly old farm furniture, all of it GORGEOUS. I had seen this piece at his tent at the Grange Fair. Now it’s haunting me. I’m adding it to my dream list, along with a gorgeous Pottery Barn desk that’s been sitting at the consignment shop. *sigh*

It was such a perfect day- all of a sudden the weather has become so mild and lovely, it is so pleasant to just be outside enjoying it! We ended up grabbing pizza at Jules’, which just sealed the deal for a spectacular day.

Roasted red peppers, kale, edamame, and caramelized onions, all on a thin crust with vegan mozzarella cheese. Ommmmm! I also had a nice micro/mixed greens salad to keep it light and prepare for today’s fast.

Even so, I’m still feeling a little nauseated. Starting this on a Monday was a wonderful coincidence- I’m so thankful to have plenty of school work to keep me occupied, instead of sitting around thinking about NOT eating. The first few days are the toughest! It definitely helps being so preoccupied.

Fun coincidence: I ended up running into the owner of Prana at Jules’- he and his wife were down checking out a possible space for a sister location in Doylestown. It’s really too exciting of a prospect to put into words. That place was AH-mazing! I promise I am going to write up a full recap this week so I can share it’s wonders with all of you.

The kids and I drove home watching this spectacular sunset, and I kept thinking about how fortunate I am to be here right now. My life could have taken a thousand different directions, but somehow I ended up right where I am- and how wonderful it is, to be here.


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