Juice Fast: Day 6, and A Silkscreening Project.

Whew! It’s been quite a week for us. My car finally reached its limit, after over 200,00 spirited miles. I am actually heartbroken- I loved my Subaru, and find myself saddened at the idea of watching it be towed away by some awful junkyard crew. Like any healthy person, I cried about it…and then I got to hunting. I’ve been scouring cars.com and autotrader looking for the perfect replacement. No winners so far, but I have a few to look at this week, including a Murano (my dream car!), so we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Looking for a car has pretty much devoured all of my time, free or otherwise, which is why I’ve been so quiet on the blog front. I’ve hardly had time to deal with all of the un-juiced CSA veggies, let alone sit down to punch out an entry on here. I’m still working on my glowing review of Prana juice bar, but it’ll have to wait for tomorrow night when I’m feeling more inspired. At the moment, this very moment right here, I’m actually feeling a little down- but I have an exciting car prospect for tomorrow, so I think the winds are beginning to change shift.

Today was also day 6 of my juice fast! It’s been such a long week, I can’t really sort out how I was feeling during the first few days- I think that even if I hadn’t been on a fast, I’d still have been totally overwhelmed and exhausted. Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise- it certainly took my mind off of the fast! I feel great now that I’m over the initial hump. I have been juicing all at once and storing it in mason jars, and I’m kicking myself for not doing that last time. It’s such a time-saver, it makes this whole thing so much easier!

The hardest part was yesterday- I had a lot of fresh produce from the CSA and from the Granddadai Lama that I wanted to preserve somehow for the winter before it went bad, so I spent the night grilling eggplant and zucchini, and dying inside. It smelled divine! I also sliced a ton of peppers and shelled field peas, and froze them all. Tomorrow I have to blanch and freeze green beans and snow peas, make and can tomato sauce, and blend up a salsa verde (and freeze it). I know it seems crazy, and my freezer is in a ridiculous state, but come mid-December I’m going to be tossing that zucchini into fresh tomato sauce or blending up berries in a smoothie and thanking myself for taking the time to save them.

Food has gradually become such a huge part of my life- I recognize that I dedicate a lot of time and attention to what we eat, but to me it seems so worth it. It feels good to be passionate about food and health, and so I’m going to follow that feeling as long as it will serve me.

I did manage to get to Solebury Orchards on Thursday. I needed apples, and there really isn’t any other option as far as I’m concerned. I was so thrilled when I saw…

…pumpkins! The first of the season! October, I can almost smell you!

We had a lot of fun on Thursday, so I suppose my week wasn’t so terrible- I’m just being whiny.

I also spent some time in the printing studio at Bucks this afternoon and managed to snap a few photos of the project I’m working on:

Printing in pink! 🙂

Nothing fancy- just simple cameos, but I’m having a lot of fun with them.

The lab assistant was working on this the entire time I was printing. Amazing!

NOT my work, just beautiful art hanging up.

I love the Arts Center at Bucks. It’s so full of life!

Tomorrow is CSA pickup and a juice date with Maurya to celebrate day 7 for me, day 3 for her! I am also going to hop on the trail of another promising car. Hoping something pops up soon!


One thought on “Juice Fast: Day 6, and A Silkscreening Project.

  1. Hi lizzy is lina hope you remember me I saw the link of your blog a few months ago, Vicky had posted it on fb, out of curiosity I visited and I think this is completely wonderful. I really want to congratulate you on your latest accomplishments. Jack and Carolyn are just gorgeous and I love that your are pursuing this lovely and healthy lifestyle a big strong hug for you and your beautiful children!!!! The best luck for you.

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