Prana Juice Bar and the Namaste Cafe.

During my trip up to visit James at Bloomsburg on Saturday, I had the pleasure of having juice and dinner at Bloomsburg’s one and only vegan eatery and juice bar- and I’ve been flapping my mouth about it ever since. Prana was amazing, everything that vegan food should be- healthy, delicious, varied, and affordable.


On our way up to Bloom, I had done a quick Google search of vegetarian restaurants in the area, just to see what my options would be. Prana had come up, but it seemed too good to be true- I honestly thought it was a hoax. What would a place like this be doing in a college town like Bloomsburg? Our visit was primarily, of course, to visit with James, so I filed Prana in the back of my mind and vowed to pop in right before we returned home, just to see.

It worked out that we ended up heading that way for dinner. We were joined by Joy, who was up visiting a friend of hers- so good to see her, and so much fun to have her come by to share the Prana experience!

I was immediately taken with their entryway. The restaurant is located in an old house set back from the street, with beautiful wide steps leading up to a porch with outdoor seating. The front yard is dominated by what at first looked like an odd mish-mosh of plants. It took me a minute to realize that their entire front was a garden!

Honestly, it was such a neat concept, it wouldn’t have mattered much if the food had been mediocre- it was just so great to see a restaurant growing their own food. Check out the red basil! I need to know their secret- I have killed off more basil plants than I can count.

We took our time pouring over the menu. There were so many wonderful options, I’m not used to going to a restaurant and having an entire menu of food to choose from!

Ultimately, I went for the Bliss Burger. I am always interested in trying different versions of veggie burgers, since the possibilities are so endless. It’s great to see how different restaurants make them. Prana does a millet and quinoa burger, and it did not disappoint!

Outrageous! The bread is made from sprouted grains, which puts this burger in my top 3 (bonus points for healthy bread)! I also got some green juice- Om!

Joy got quesadillas, and everyone else got assorted smoothies.

These were a little spicy and totally delicious. The smoothies were all great, but the winner was definitely my Mom’s- the Joyous Almond.

The best smoothie I have ever tasted, hands down. Trying to re-create this would be hopeless without a Vitamix (which they have) because of the almonds, so I’m not even going to attempt it. I’m just going to look forward to the next time I visit James.

The kids were so good. Even though we have our rougher days, they really are some of the most well-behaved children I’ve ever seen, especially considering Carolyn was feeling a little under the weather.

They gave Jack a little teacup to drink his smoothie out of- too cute!

The damage. I could have stayed there all day on that porch- the environment was so soothing. The interior was just as lovely, with an extravagant room decorated to look like a garden, as well as another room with an elegant old sofa and a piano. It was so charming!

Bonus: the staff and owner were so nice! Some of the best service I’ve ever experienced in a restaurant, really knowledgeable and passionate about the food and the business. My mother and I talked their ear off after we finished eating- I just couldn’t get over how unique it was.

It was one of the best meals of my life. A vegan, organic food spot with a rockin’ juice bar in Bloomsburg was the last thing I expected to find during my visit with James, so the surprise factor made the experience that much more fun. I heard rumor that there was the possibility of a new location opening up in Doylestown, but I don’t have confirmation of that yet. Keeping my fingers crossed! In the meantime, I’m left to try to re-create their perfectly blended juices here at home.

P.S. Day 7, and still going strong! Today was particularly challenging because I spent most of it chasing down a stunning Nissan Murano, and then went straight to pick up from the CSA, so I didn’t have time to juice. I didn’t consume anything other than water until about 3:30 PM. It was so tough, but every time I reach the end of another day, I feel so accomplished- it makes it all worth it. I don’t feel much lighter though, and as I type this I realize that I never weighed myself to keep track of my weight loss. I’ll take that as an excellent sign that it’s not about the numbers 🙂 I feel better physically, and we all know that’s what really matters!


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