Day 8, and This Week’s CSA.

I passed the one-week mark! Day eight, and I feel like I am going to fall over. I have to come clean and admit that I didn’t drink a single glass of juice today- I literally ran on herbal tea all day. So bad, I know, but there just wasn’t any time. Monday mornings are busy– I’m out the door by 9:30, and don’t come home until 2:30…and today I had to rush off after class to make the final payment on my new car (!). I got home, got Jack to bed, put Carolyn to sleep, and dove right into my homework for tomorrow’s Creative Writing class. No time to juice, and so I’m feeling pretty woozy. I am picking Luis up tomorrow morning, and when we get home I am going to juice enough to last me until Saturday, because I can’t allow this to happen again. But I’m here at day eight, over a week of juicing, and I really believe that if I had maintained my juice intake, I’d be feeling on top of the world.

Last night I sat on the phone gabbing with Patricia. It felt like a whole vacation in just that one phone call- we talked endlessly of food we’ve been cooking, the food we’re going to make and eat the next time we get together, and how we maintain living a healthy and somewhat high-maintenance lifestyle. I told her all about preserving my CSA veggies (I have to write up a post about this, I have a huge stockpile of organic veggies just waiting for winter!), and it was so great to share it with someone. I’ve been so excited about it, but there hasn’t been much interest in my frozen veggies around my house. Patty shares my enthusiasm for food, health, and life in general, so talking to her is like listening to the most beautiful music and feeling it in your soul. I miss her eternally. One thing is for certain- the next time I see her (hopefully soon), we are heading downtown to Babycakes and spoiling ourselves rotten!

Speaking of CSA veggies, here’s the rundown for this week’s share:

We have: a head of nappa cabbage (soon to become kimchi!), 2 eggplant, 4 green peppers, 10 carrots, 8 radishes, a bag of mixed greens with some snap peas inside, 6 tomatoes, a bunch of swiss chard, two jalepenos, 6 leeks, a bunch of chocolate mint, two winter squash, 6 pattypan squash, a bag of purple and yellow wax beans, and a little watermelon. The watermelon is so cute! I’m dying to juice it with some pineapple and ginger- yum!

As mentioned, the nappa cabbage is going into kimchi- I am on nappa cabbage overload, and kimchi is a quick and easy way to use and preserve it. For juice: greens, some tomatoes, carrots, chocolate mint, chard, and watermelon. For freezing: eggplant, peppers, tomatoes (as sauce), leeks, pattypan squash, and wax beans. The winter squash I am hoping to turn into soup and freeze that. It’s really too easy, and it’s going to make my winter so much more special, now that I have an abundance of fresh veggies!

Tomorrow is day 9 of juicing, and my busiest day of the week. It is also going to be gorgeous, which means biking to school! I am so excited.


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