Bluum: A Review.

It’s been a busy week! Aside from school work, Jack, Carolyn, and juggling the many demands of life, I also got a new car! The title was transferred last night and the registration moved into my name, making me the proud Mommy of a 2005 Nissan Murano! Black, with beige microfiber interior. Perfect, perfect, perfect! I’ll post some more pictures after the weekend- but let me tell you, it’s gorgeous. Maybe it’s because I’ve always driven older cars, but I am so blown away by all of the amenities. I think I was most excited to learn that if I use the key fob to unlock the car, and hold the unlock button down for a few seconds, the front windows roll down. Apparently it’s for hot days when you want to let the heat out of the car before you get in. What? Who comes up with a feature like that? My mind is officially blown.

It’s funny- when the subject of cars came up about a year ago, I was so stuck on the Muranos, but they were way outside of my budget. Each time I’d pass one on the road or see one in a parking lot, I’d wonder how it must feel to be inside. It sounds ridiculous, but they truly are my dream car. I love that they have the luxury feel without the over-the-top-gadgets-everywhere thing. I can’t handle too many extras in my cars, so the Murano is perfect- it has everything I need without overwhelming me. A year later, with some patience, hard work, help, and a bit of luck, what was once a dream is now sitting in my driveway.

I’ve noticed lately that more and more good things have been coming to me. I used to think that I was lucky- for a long time, things just always worked out for me, somehow. Now I can see that it wasn’t always luck, that sometimes those things that I thought were “working out” were actually paths I shouldn’t have walked down, decisions I should have known better than to make. I suppose it all evens out, because it brought me to here, and where I am now is a very, very good place, but I still look back and wonder how I could have ever thought I was so slick, skating by like I didn’t have a worry in my head.

Now I really do feel lucky, but it’s a different kind of luck. It’s the kind of luck that enables me to give back to the world, and behind every good thing that comes my way, there’s a ton of hard work and determination on my part. I am lucky that my blog has been spotted by some of the right people, and I’ve had moderate success in a short amount of time- but I also took a risk in starting it, and dedicated a lot of time and energy to maintaining it and networking with other bloggers. I’m lucky that I found the car I’d been dreaming about at a ridiculously low price, but I also spent hours scouring the internet for just the right vehicle, and went to look at each possible vehicle alone with both children. It’s not as though the car drove itself into my driveway and offered itself to me- I had to put myself out there in order to find and receive it. And I guess that’s the point I am trying to make- that things rarely just fall into peoples’ laps. Most of the time, you get what you want because you’re putting yourself out there and making yourself available to it. You don’t necessarily have to break your back to get good things to come to you, but you do have to be out in the world and open to receiving them, otherwise they’ll skate right past you.

But sometimes, good things do just fall into your lap. Take this wonderful box, for instance….

I got a Bluum box! It’s a monthly subscription box geared toward moms, babies/children, and moms-to-be. Each box contains a number of samples of different products to test out, all of them interesting and all-natural, and keeping with a specific theme for that month.

This month’s theme: milestones! It’s perfect, since both Jack and Carolyn are beginning to hit some big ones. Carolyn just got her first tooth (!) and Jack is on the brink of potty training and officially outgrowing any of his remaining baby-ness.

Inside was an assortment of items for both mom and baby. I loved that there was something for everyone, no matter what stage your children are at. The theme card also had a guide printed on the back with explanations and summaries of the different products.

Bluum members who like anything in the sample box are given the option of purchasing full-sized products through Bluum. For this box, the only thing that really tempted me was the hand lotion. But we’ll get there soon enough…

My Bluum box came with four of these hilarious snack/sandwich bags. They are made from recycled plastic and are biodegradable, which makes them AWESOME- just in case the monsters weren’t enough. They zip shut at the top, and offer such a great alternative to traditional ziplock bags when packing lunches. I have been trying to bring a sandwich out with us whenever we leave the house for more than an hour, just so I don’t have to spend money and time trying to find healthy food on the go. Jack loves the monsters, so it’s a win-win.

Next was this Bellybar, a booster bar to complement prenatal vitamins. This was such a great addition to the box- it’s a great treat for pregnant women and helps to boost their prenatal vitamin benefts, but it’s something that women who are no longer pregnant can also enjoy. Obviously, because mine is gone- and it was delicious. A few extra nutrients never hurt anyone! In fact…

That probably explains why both of my children were a week+ late.

This bottle of Triple Wash bubble bath was also in the box. It is specially formulated for babies with sensitive skin or diaper rash. I (and my children) have been fortunate- we haven’t had much to deal with in the way of diaper rash, but in the beginning of our cloth diaper switchover, there were a few incidents as we tried to negotiate the world of chemical-free (read: wet) diapers. Even though those days are pretty much behind us, it’s great that a product like this is out there and available. I tried it out in their bath tonight, and it left their skin so naturally soft and smooth. I am a big fan.

These were what I was most curious about. Spiffies are wipes designed to play the part of a toothbrush in teething babies. It can be so tough to get a toothbrush into a young child’s mouth, and I know I feel so nervous trying not to accidentally jam it down Carolyn’s throat or poke her in the eye. She is so determined to play with everything, brushing her teeth is a project. These really helped- she still wasn’t so sure she wanted my fingers in her mouth, but at least she wasn’t grabbing at them, and she seemed to like the flavor well enough!

Finally, the hand lotion. Oh my, this was so luxurious. I don’t think my hands have ever felt so moisturized! It is definitely my favorite hand lotion to date, and I was sorry they only sent a small packet. I’m going to try to get my hands on a larger bottle at a decent price- here’s hoping for a bit of luck! 😉

The verdict? I’m a Bluum member for life! Or at least, until my children are too grown up to need any of the things they send. I liked that the box was so inclusive- there was something for everyone, from pregnant women to school-aged kids. I love having the opportunity to try out new products without having to buy a whole package, and I can trust Bluum to only send me cruelty-free products with safe, natural ingredients. At $9 a month, it’s a steal, and I’d recommend it to any Momma interested in trying new, interesting products.

We have a busy weekend coming up, but next week I’m putting the reins on and slowing things down a bit. I don’t want us to get too caught up in the whirlwind and forget to enjoy some quality time at home. Also, I have a mountain of homework to tackle. Fun!

Have a great weekend!


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