Hello, October!

October is here!


I spend all year waiting for these next 31 days. October is my month- that time of year when I feel most alive. For small reasons, this year is so much more than just my favorite month- it’s my first Fall with both of my children. It’s the first Fall that I have taken a look at my life, where I am right now, and thought…yes. This is right.

October is everything that life is supposed to be- colorful, soothing, perfect. And what better way to celebrate the best of the best than a visit to our favorite farm? I hadn’t been to Milk House in a few weeks, so I was surprised when I pulled in and saw the most bountiful display of Fall squashes. Pumpkins EVERYWHERE, all shapes and sizes. It’s so festive and wonderful! They even have a “Guess the weight” sheet.

I threw in a guess, but I am so terrible at this sort of thing, I’m not counting on winning. I am itching to get one of their beautiful white pumpkins.


They had filled their outside cart with different varieties of pumpkins, all labeled with explanations and descriptions. I love that they identify everything and include methods of preparation and/or information on the plant.

Inside was just as refreshing. They’re stocking a ton of different greens right now, which is convenient since all I have been wanting lately is saucy eggplant and huge salads.

And like any great farm, they had local cider from Solebury Orchards in a crock pot for $1 a cup. I didn’t think it was possible to love Milk House Farm any more than I did…but then October arrived, and I have been absolutely swept off of my feet.


I also picked up from my CSA on Sunday! We have four weeks left in the season, and then we begin the winter share. I am so excited to see what that will turn out- they sent out an email listing what they’ve planted and expect to distribute, and I am so anxious to see how it works out.

In this week’s share: a bunch of red russian kale, a spaghetti squash, a butternut squash, four peppers, carrots (9 or 10, I think?), a head of nappa cabbage, purple wax beans, radishes, one kohlrabi, two tomatoes, two onions, two MONSTER beets, snap peas, stevia, and chives.

Son of a beet….these things are huge! I have absolutely no idea what to do with them, but beet chips sound promising.

Carrots! I have been waiting for these all summer. They’re long-gone already, juiced into carrot-apple-ginger on Monday morning.

I am loving these snap peas each week, although I’m not sure they’re long for this season since they don’t seem to have too many when I pick up my share- they’re usually reserved for the full shares. They’re just about the crispest, sweetest peas I have ever tasted. Eaten raw with hummus- divine.

As if things couldn’t improve past perfect snap peas and fresh carrots…

Patty came out on Sunday night to visit (and help me chase my children around…)! Did we ever have fun- Sunday night I whipped up squash boats stuffed with shallots and quinoa, dressed in orange vinaigrette, with some of the best brussels sprouts I have ever tasted on the side. We ate, baked cookies, and talked about food.

Monday was wonderfully low-key. The kids were so well behaved in the morning, I made us big bowls of banana-blueberry oatmeal with a sweet cashew butter glaze, fresh carrot-apple-ginger juice, french press coffee with chicory, and figs (obsessed). We chit chatted some more, and Patty stayed with the kids while I went to class. By the time I got home we were all hungry again, so we headed over to Jules so Patty could experience the magic.

Two micro-greens salads…

…and a medium pizza to share: Daiya mozzarella, caramelized onions, mint, edamame, and lemon vinaigrette all on their signature crispy thin crust. We have been eating a lot of Jules this week, but I couldn’t resist taking Patricia. It is really tough to find good vegan pizza, even in New York, so Jules is really something special.

Jack can’t seem to make up his mind about the edamame- last week, he systematically picked every single one off of his pizza slices, but yesterday he scarfed them down with abandon. I am trying to encourage him to try things a few times, especially foods like edamame that are so healthy, affordable, and easy to pack into snack bags. I find that his initial reaction is always distaste, but given a second or third introduction, things will grow on him.

It was such a great kickoff to this extraordinary time of year. I felt so fortunate to have good food, great kids, and a wonderful friend all around one table. I am going to see Patty in two weeks for the Rock N Roll health and fitness expo, and will also be meeting her after the race is finished, but it still seems too far away.

This month is going to be a busy one- we have something going on just about every day, and my school work is stacking up as midterms draw closer. Goal for the weekend: complete anything due before mid-November. I want to take the pressure off for October and give myself the freedom to enjoy my month without the added stress of having to dig myself out from under a mountain of school work.

I am also going to try to get a few backlogged posts up, including a post about my silk screening project, a recipe for a field pea salad, and a long-overdue yoga bag review. Speaking of yoga- 9:30 practice with Kathleen tomorrow morning, which means that it’s past my bedtime. Ta!


2 thoughts on “Hello, October!

  1. It seems you’re really exciting for October, Well, we share the same thing, it’s my month also simply because my birthday falls on October 🙂 Are we the same on that one too? 🙂

    I love to taste that edamame mozzarella pizza, very healthy indeed! 🙂

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