UGH. Happy Friday? This weather is so lame. It was another grey day, and we spend most of the morning inside (again). Here’s the breakdown:

3:37- Wake up to something heavy, warm, and breathing lying on top of me. Jack had come up to my room by himself and crawled on top of me and gone to sleep. I don’t remember this. I gathered him up, tucked him back into his bed downstairs, and went back to sleep.

6:53- We’re up! Carolyn is in a funny mood, and doesn’t want to get dressed. FUN. We do our best, changing diapers and picking out clothes pell-mell.

7:15- Downstairs for breakfast. Smoothie to share, and Joe’s O’s for the kids. I throw a load of diapers in to wash.


7:45- Into the sun room to play.


8:30- I leave for class (History of Modern Art). Grammy stays with J and C.

10:05- Mom’s home! Diaper changes and more playtime.


10:45- Leave the house. We were all getting a little antsy, so we just took a drive and watched the rain. We also stopped off for a pint of coconut milk ice cream.

11:25- Home again! Diaper changes, and we swap out our shirts for clean ones. Start thinking about what we might like to have for lunch. I switch the diapers to the dryer and get most of the dishes done. As I open a cabinet to put the dry ones away, a plastic plate comes shooting out and shatters in the sink.


11:45 Prep for lunch. I was totally going to save this for dinner, but I couldn’t wait, and really wanted something quick and warm to combat the cold and rain.



Quinoa spiral pasta, topped with my favorite sauce of all time- Victoria Vegan Vodka. It is so good, and so perfect for lunch. I didn’t have enough spinach to throw in to the mix, but next time I’ll be more prepared. The health food store in town carries it for a good price, so now I know where to get it more easily.


Paired with some tea 🙂

12:00 Lunch is served, but I’m the only one who is showing any interest. Jack is rubbing his eyes and looking really sleepy.

12:05- Upstairs for one last change, and to tuck Jack into his bed. Of course, the moment we get upstairs, he wakes up and declares that he doesn’t want to take a nap. We read a book and talk about how sleepy we are.

12:15- Leave the nursery as Jack screams and cries.

12:30- Finish my pasta and watch as Carolyn picks over hers and plays peek-a-boo behind the bowl. Jack is playing quietly in his room.



12:38- The noise from upstairs stops, and I suspect Jack has fallen asleep. Carolyn also seems to be getting tired….


12:50- Go upstairs to find Jack asleep in his papasan chair. Cute 🙂


Carolyn and I hang out and play while Jack naps. I try to get some writing and studying done, but Carolyn wants to dance, so we do that instead. She helps me line and fold the diapers.


2:25- Jack wakes up. Carolyn hasn’t slept, but looks really sleepy. We change diapers and clothes (Mom too) and get ready to go out.

2:45- Madrina’s here! We had plans to get smoothies and hang out in Princeton. I didn’t snap any pictures because I was too busy talking, having FUN, and keeping track of the kids. We stopped for smoothies, saw my friend Jessie (who works there), went to Great Harvest for a loaf of bread, and drove in to Princeton to browse around.

5:15- Head back to Newtown and pick Luis up from work. We all head back to the house.

5:20- Start throwing together dinner for the kids while getting ready to go back out. I ended up just putting some brown rice on the stove and opening a can of black beans. We top it with avocado and call it a meal- not too bad!

5:40- M. and I head out to oWowCow so she can experience the wonder. NOM. Luis feeds the kids and gets them ready for bed.

6:30- Drop Maurya back off at her car (at my house) and head over to school to meet my writing group. We get together about once every ten days to workshop our writing and talk and laugh. Tonight was great because I got their input on what I should read on Wednesday (I won an award and am supposed to read seven poems- eeek!). Eileen was super cute and brought a surprise for us to celebrate my winning the Stan Heim award.


I am very, very lucky to be in such wonderful and fiercely talented company 🙂

There was actually a LGBTQ prom going on at Bucks, so there were people parading around in frilly dresses and heels all night. It was fabulous!

11:15- Head home to eat dinner and order Jack and Carolyn’s spring/summer gear. They got the cuuuutest stuff, I’m so excited! I’ll do a full rundown when it comes to give you an idea of how we outfit for warmer weather.

12:30- I have been on the computer since I got home, and am feeling super sleepy. It’s likely I’ll skip eating, toss the leftovers into a Pyrex, and call it a night. The dishes can so wait until the morning.

So, that’s our Friday! Still a little slow because of the weather, but this weekend is supposed to be gorgeous, so hopefully things will pick up. Until tomorrow!


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