Whew! Today was much, much better. Yesterday was actually kind-of a disaster, but dinner with Ally totally made up for the whole mess. I woke up this morning feeling sleepy, but emotionally recharged.

7:35- I hear Jack’s little feet pattering around downstairs. Carolyn, however, is totally knocked out. I stay under the covers for a few more minutes.

7:55- Time to get up and dressed! Downstairs for…..smoothies, and flax bread with coconut spread 😉


We’re totally doing pancakes on Tuesday morning to break up the smoothie train.

8:30- Breakfast is finished. Carolyn hangs out in the baby carrier while Jack doodles on his magic drawing pad.


It just requires water, and you can draw all over it, and when it dries everything disappears and you have a clean surface again! So neat.

I throw a load of laundry in, and then I do about 35 minutes of this:



10:00- Diaper changes! Switch laundry: remove diapers from washer, re-load washer with a light load, and bring the diapers upstairs to hang on the line. The only problem? The drying rack is bending and getting super messed up! We mess around with it for a while, but nothing is helping. Jack and Carolyn play in the yard.

10:40- The kids and I drive Mum over to the hardware store to shop for nylon cord for the clothing line, hoping that will help. She shops, and we peruse the children’s gardening tools!


We also stopped in at the pet store, because Jack and Carolyn love to look at the animals, and I love to fantasize about rescuing ALL of them, especially the cats and the lizards.



11:45- We’re home, and it’s almost nap time. Diaper changes. I promise Jack a smoothie if he’ll go down for his nap without a fuss. It works….sort-of. Carolyn falls asleep in her bed.

12:30- Jack is still awake, and I’ve gone up twice to tuck him in. I finally talk him into staying in his bed, and proceed with my own plans- lunch!


TJ’s minestrone soup, sauteed chard, and green tea. Also, studying, because I have a quiz in Modern Art tomorrow at 9.

This also happened…


1:20- The kids are still asleep, and the rest of my homework is upstairs in my room with the sleeping Carolyn. I check my emails on my phone, and see that Chris gave me the thumbs-up for the poetry selection I sent him, with one addition. Whew!

I clearly can’t do the homework I was planning on doing, so I do the next best thing.


Yoga 🙂 It was gorgeous outside today, but the temperature was a little low, so yoga in the sun room was perfect. Also, the timing was great because I finished up just as Jack woke up from his nap.


2:40- Jack is awake! Carolyn is not. We go outside to hang laundry, and he holds me to my smoothie promise. We change his diaper and rally Grammy, who is feeling super dispirited about her clothing line.

4:00- Carolyn wakes up just as I am loading Jack into the car. We change her diaper quickly and buckle her in the car. The weather is gorgeous!



IMG_0939 Smoothieeeessss!

We also went over to visit Nana. She loves when the kids visit, and it felt good to get over to say hi, even though I’m not totally sure she knows who we are exactly.


5:05- Home again, and the kids are starving. Diaper changes! I start prepping dinner, and everyone else goes outside to try and solve the problem of the busted clothing line. We end up with a temporary solution- stringing it between a tree and a post on the gazebo. Not terrible, but space is limited.


Our laundry also comes off the line and waits to be folded.


Aaaaand the kids bring me flowers, which was of course the best part of the day.


5:35- Soup is simmering away on the stove, so I use this window of time to get the kids in the bath.


I usually don’t like to bathe them before they eat, because they usually end up kind-of messy after meals, but I had a ton of homework to do and I knew I wouldn’t have time to get everything done if I waited to bathe them after dinner, so we cut a corner. We put on clean pj’s and head back downstairs.


6:30- Dinner is ready- lentil soup!


This is one of the easiest and best meals, because it comes together in one pot, and there is minimal work involved. It is also really adaptable, so you can just work with whatever is laying around in your fridge. I stirred in a few tablespoons of balsamic glaze, and it really took it over the top. It’s a hit with the kids and the adults. Winning!

I feed the kids, followed by playtime in the sun room while I fold laundry. They’re great helpers.

7:30- I am beginning to get concerned about getting my studying in. I also realize that I completely blanked on two assignments, due YESTERDAY, so that’s upsetting. My Mum offers to help with bedtime. I toss the diapers in to wash and run out the door to get my work done.

7:45- Starbucks. I submit my missed assignments with a note of apology to my professor, and hope that I can get some credit for them. This is the first time that has ever happened to me, and I’m the top of my class, so I don’t feel too bad. I then move on to memorizing the different threads of abstract expressionism, and subsequently lose myself in the examination of Whistler’s Nocturne in Black and Gold. Damnit, SmartHistory! Also, Facebook. Shoot.


9:50- Home, and the kids are both asleep. Shower time!

10:10- Upstairs in bed with mangoes, grapefruit, and coconut water. Start writing this post, and flip back and forth between pictures and studying. Confirm dinner with Ally on Tuesday to “have a meeting of the minds.”

11:15- Carolyn is up and wants to eat, so that happens.

11:50- Post completed, and Carolyn is snoring peacefully. I squeeze in ten more minutes of study time, but my eyes are itchy and I’m falling asleep. Time to sleep and gear up for tomorrow!


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