The Summer of Gatsby.

More and more my summer is shaping up to be the kind of summer you spend all year looking forward to, and a lifetime remembering. Even if everything falls totally flat mid-way through, the past few weeks have been filled with so many special events and developments that I don’t think there’s much that could overturn my optimism. It’s interesting that this summer should begin with the release of a Hollywood recreation of The Great Gatsby. I love Gatsby (and Gatsby!), and even though the ending always leaves me with a sense of unbearable hopelessness, it’s worth it for the incredible story. I still find it so fabulous and romantic, despite the unsavory conclusion, and I’m choosing to believe that the glamor and romance of Gatsby will infuse my summer with music and light.


Yesterday was the first day of the Wrightstown Farmer’s Market, so that’s where we were at 9 am.


They hold markets through the winter, every other Saturday, but the options are few and the weather really puts a damper on the experience. This is the beginning of the summer season, and the farmstands were overflowing with fresh leafy-ness 🙂



My mushroom guy with a full supply of vanilla beans, fiddleheads, and RAMPS! 😀 This is usually my first stop.

There are all kinds of fun events coming up- it’s a great market with a wide selection of products and vendors, and everyone is really involved and enthusiastic about the community 🙂



They were giving away free seedlings to the first 75 families, so we are now the proud parents of a baby tomato plant! I have NO idea what to do with it, but I’ve been doing some research and I think a pot is the best way to begin.

IMG_1596 IMG_1597

I should mention: I have a black thumb. I can’t keep plants alive, and I don’t know why! I love living things, animals, plants, people, but I’m a terrible gardener! It’s so frustrating. I think I just need practice. I’m taking my tomato duties very seriously O.o

There were tons of activities for the kids- the Wrightstown Nursery School stand had a table with paper and stamps, Jack’s FAVORITE!


There was also a band, and Carolyn stood for a while swaying back and forth to the music while shoppers stopped and watched and smiled.


I must say this every time I go, but the Market really is one of my favorite summer activities. It helps that it’s so kid-friendly. There was plenty for Jack and Carolyn to do while I shopped, and it was clear the other parents felt similarly. All of the children were crowded around a bucket in the middle of the market space filled with bubble solution. There were two sticks connected by a long, loopy string, and the older kids were taking turns dipping the string into the bubbles, lifting it up, and letting the wind blow bubbles from the string. It was so, so neat, and meant that the kids could hang out while I got my shopping done.




I love being a member of this very special community 🙂


Where’s Carolyn?!


Herbal hibiscus iced tea 🙂



Can’t wait for STRAWBERRIES! 😀


A dozen eggs, five vanilla beans, mocha cinnamon biscotti, a bunch of red russian kale, a bunch of broccoli rabbe, a bunch of sorrel, a bunch of french breakfast radishes, and three bundles of ramps. We also picked up a loaf of “beer bread” from a new bread vendor- ale house rye. It was super dense and chewy, but with a delicious ale-y undertone. Confession: the kale is already gone, and so is a bundle of ramps. We are veggie enthusiasts 😉

After the market, we came home to change diapers and grab a snack. Our original plan was to go to the Philly Art Museum, but it was such a beautiful day that I couldn’t justify spending it inside a museum, no matter how lovely that museum might be. Instead, we met Maurya and Julius at Dilly’s!


First Dilly’s of the season! I got a really fresh-tasting salad with shaved carrots and cherry tomatoes. They topped it with a veggie burger patty that we all shared, along with a side of onion rings. The perfect balance of junky and healthy 🙂


Maurya wanted ramps, so we decided to walk across the bridge to Stockton to see if the market there had any. It was the perfect day for it!









It made me want to get the kayak out! It also made me miss my brothers, but that’s nothing new 😉


We totally took advantage of this random cardboard photo cutout 😀


I was so in love with this print 🙂


The Stockton Market!


The stands at Stockton were out of ramps, so the kids and I grabbed a juice and we left for Lake Galena to enjoy the rest of the day.


I stopped off at None Such Market for some chocolate and snap peas. New Theo Dark Chocolate with Coconut! So delicious. Maurya also made us smoothies, which were outrageous.


Things got a little silly.
















We just loafed around on the ground watching the kids run around. Eventually we played a few games of Uno, and then packed it up for home. It was a quiet ride back to Newtown 😉



The kids actually did NOT go down to bed quickly. Jack was in and out of bed until about nine, and Carolyn until 9:30. It wasn’t such a big deal, because I had nothing to do! I’ve plowed through a lot of the last of my work for the semester, which means I have plenty of time for children who don’t want to go to sleep 🙂

I ended up meeting Mr. Gatsby for a late-night run and then vegging out to an episode of Kitchen Nightmare’s (MARRY ME, GORDON RAMSAY!) before crashing. Now we’re all hanging out after a breakfast of raspberry-vanilla pancakes (clearly I decided to skip the Broad Street Run- no regrets there). We’re leaving for Newtown’s Welcome Day in about an hour, and then we have our CSA orientation at 2 followed by dinner and another run. Oh, summer 🙂


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