I have a cute little post about our latest book obsessions that I photographed and started typing up, but then I found a folder full of random images of beautiful things that we experienced this week, and it felt wrong not to share them. The books can wait 🙂


This week has been the week of salads. I can’t get enough! There are so many wonderful lettuce varieties cropping up at the farms, and they are totally irresistible. This one was particularly good- crispy tofu cubes, avocado, blueberries, power greens, sauteed ramps, and an apple cider vinegar dressing topped with sesame seeds. Yum!


Another winning meal- 1/2 a pita pocket stuffed with mustard greens, arugula, sprouts, a leftover black bean burger, sauteed ramps, avocado, and a spoonful of kale and spinach dip, served with a side of roasted zucchini. I actually recreated this for lunch today, it was that delicious!


I have been drinking a ton of sparkling water lately- it’s a spring thing. We were at Trader Joe’s yesterday, and I picked up several containers of strawberries and blackberries, and a number of bottles of seltzer. I’ve been making these infusions, adding different herbs (mint, basil) depending on my mood. They’re so refreshing and lovely 🙂



I received a card from James’ girlfriend, Emily, wishing me a happy Mother’s Day. It was so sweet! I love getting mail, so it really made my day!


My running has been consistent and demanding, but so, so good- I feel amazing, and I find that when I exercise more, I don’t feel like eating junk. I end up craving fruits and veggies and dark chocolate, which is all totally green-light in my book. I’m fortunate to have a ton of really beautiful areas to run in/through/around, but there is a path that cuts through the neighborhood across from ours that is my favorite, hands down, because it is lined with these beautiful pink trees. Yesterday it looked like it was snowing pink:



Such a pleasure to run under 🙂

Earlier in the week, the kids and I set out to re-plant all of our vegetable seedlings into new, permanent pots. We needed potting soil and fertilizer, and not the scary chemical kinds- safe, organic, natural fuel to keep our plants healthy and happy! We ended up finding everything at a nursery about ten minutes away, in the same center as Owowcow. Dangerous…


Disaster: they had an entire terrace dedicated to vegetable and herb seedlings. Ahhhh, I wanted to buy everything!




We actually did end up bringing home a chocolate mint plant. Mint is a wise investment because it grows like crazy, and we put it in everything fro veggie salads to smoothies. You really can’t go wrong!


I am dying for a stevia plant!


Strawberries! I was tempted, but I don’t want to grow strawberries in a pot- that’s something I’d rather save for the garden.



Supplies gathered and ready for planting! We used this entire bag of soil O.o


These were all the veggie seedlings. Some of them are actually sharing pots right now until I can get larger ones- tomatoes really prefer a lot of room, so at some point this weekend I’m going to pick up a few yards of plastic window screening and plant some of these in reusable shopping bags. Thrifty!


Red cabbage and eggplant!


The kids loved it- Jack especially. I helped him plant the tomatoes, and he was thrilled. He’s been helping me water them twice a day!


Whew! Messy, but a job well done.


We also successfully transferred my tea roses to the planter on the front porch. I wasn’t sure how they’d fare, but they’ve sprouted three new buds that are now beginning to open, so I’m hopeful!


On the front porch: tea roses in the large planter, and chocolate mint in the smaller one.



I can’t really describe yet how meaningful it was to plant vegetables and flowers with the kids. It was just on a whole new level, something I will never forget, and continue to look forward to in the coming years.

We’ve had some unpredictable weather here this past week, which has been frustrating because it traps us inside on days we’d rather go to the park, but it’s also afforded us some spectacular skies:







This weekend is going to be an exciting one, starting with free pottery painting at the farmer’s market tomorrow morning! We’re also heading to Doylestown to check out a new market that just opened, as well as making a few park trips. Sunday Mum and I are going to brunch at Blue Sage, and afterward I’m taking my bike to the lake to ride a loop.

Coming up: a weekend recap, a “what we’re reading” sum-up, and a Julep Maven box review! Stay tuned….


BY THE WAY: I saw Gatsby last night at the local theater. I was so glad they didn’t deviate from the novel, however….it was absolutely assaulting. Even the most mellow moments were blown up into something explosive, and I found it overwhelming because the book is not like that at all. In conclusion? I think I really just need to see it again 😉



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