Barbecue at Tyler and Week 1 of Anchor Run CSA!

This week has been a real roller coaster- the weather has been all over the place, with some really hot and humid days, followed by high temperatures and rain the next, followed still by lower temperatures and more rain… it’s hard to know what to do with ourselves. Wednesday I actually had a tooth extracted, which ended up going as wrong as possible. I requested IV anesthesia because I knew it would be tough to get the tooth out, and I had no interest in being conscious during the whole ordeal. I ended up waking up in the middle of the procedure. It was AWFUL, awful, awful, and I don’t think I can accurately communicate how horrified and upset I was/am. Poor Ally did me the favor of going with me, because I wasn’t going to be able to drive myself home, and she had to sit with me while I totally lost my cool and sobbed myself right out of the office. Whoops.

We did take advantage of the gorgeous weather on Tuesday, and joined James and his friends for a picnic in Tyler Park.



We grilled veggie burgers and watched the kids run around and play, and Emily and I even braved the minnows and took the kids for a walk into the water.















IMG_2173I ended up getting a text from a friend asking if we were up to a trip to the park- lucky us, we were already there!


Her daughter is the same age as Carolyn, so they’ve become little friends too- it’s awesome!






It was such a wonderful day, and the kids were totally wiped when we got home, which meant we could all just relax and recover from the excitement.

Wednesday was pretty much a blur of sleep, pain, and percocet. I have a terrible time with prescription medication, particularly pain medication- it knocks me out, makes me loopy, and gives me monster headaches, but I really needed the pain relief for the first day or so. Luis had the day off, so I pretty much just crashed when I got home and stayed in bed. Eric picked me up for our writer’s workshop at 6:45, and around midnight I came back home to crash until Thursday morning. Because I couldn’t drive until six hours after my last pain pill, my Mum had to drive me over to pick up our CSA yesterday, but it ended up being really nice because we got to do the first pickup together! I’m aiming to go with her every week, I think it’ll be a fun mother/daughter weekly activity.







I have been absolutely itching for the CSA to begin. I really needed a few things to depend on during the week, and now with the CSA and my writer’s group, it looks like I’ve got a good schedule going.

The kids hung out in the giant sandbox while Mum and I popped in and out of the barn and picked out giant leafy bundles of all shapes and sizes.



Carolyn was so excited to see all of the animals- first walking down to visit the chickens, and then heading into the barn to track down the barn cats.







Meanwhile, Jack just wanted to look at the farm equipment…


…and Mommy was all about the fresh herbs! Ommmmm….






We managed to wrap it up minutes before the rain hit! Though that farm is gorgeous, rain or shine 🙂


The whole haul:





Left to right: swiss chard, french chard, bok choy, sage, lemon balm, oregano, frisee, spring mix (gorgeously bundled, too!), green lettuce, spinach, and a giant head of romaine.

So much green! I can feel my skin glowing every time I open the fridge. I eat my fair share of salads, but I still feel like I could be incorporating more in place of heavier meals like BBQ tempeh or bean bowls. I am on my second salad of the day, and aside from a pounding headache from the percocet (still!), I feel amazing. Getting such a huge amount of lettuce forces me to eat it (and get creative with how), because I’m certainly not going to let any of it go to waste. Over the course of the next week, I will consume every leaf on that bench, and feel like a superstar afterward 🙂

Also, it means I can dive into a big bowl of cinnamon bourbon coconut ice cream with no shame or regret- and top it off with homemade strawberry-vanilla compote for extra oomph!

Tomorrow we’re headed into New York, and despite the rotten weather, I’m still excited to see Patty. She has promised me fresh pressed apple-lemon-kale-ginger juice the moment I pull up to her building. What a goddess. After this week of botched anesthesia and heavy medication, I need a light to guide me out of the fog. I say this a hundred times a week, but I truly don’t know what I would do without my incredible friends. This week was a testament to their greatness. I am very, very blessed 🙂


One thought on “Barbecue at Tyler and Week 1 of Anchor Run CSA!

  1. I love that barn and I’ve never heard of spicy hot oregano! What a cool (ha!) concept. We are drinking apple-lemon-kale-ginger juice this weekend!

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