Weekend to Present.

It’s Tuesday, but it definitely feels more like Monday. Can anyone relate? Jack and Carolyn were a little fussy this morning, wanting to be picked up more than usual, and Carolyn was throwing things. Not fun. It’s 4:30, and I am just sitting down to go through my pictures from the weekend.


Saturday started out at the Farmer’s Market. Even though we’re doing the CSA, I still like to go pick up a few things once a week that we haven’t gotten yet in our shares. Also, crepes.


We picked up a pint of snap peas (we ate the ENTIRE quart from the CSA in a day and a half- whoops!), three zucchini, a bunch of spring onions, two bunches of garlic scapes, and two pints of strawberries. Aaaand everything in this picture has already been eaten. We are absurd.



organic, non-GMO kettle corn. YUM.


After the Market, we drove up to our old neighborhood in Wrightstown to check out the parade celebrating Lingohocken Fire Company’s 100th anniversary. There were emergency vehicles lining the entire loop!


Jack was beside himself.









We hung around the neighborhood for a bit while Jack climbed in and out of different vehicles, and then it was time for the parade! We watched the entire line of trucks and cars pack up and drive off. They traced a route through Wrightstown and Newtown, finally ending at the firehouse. Jack was so excited, it was priceless.

My Mum wanted Owowcow, but as we were parking, the little train that runs around the Carousel Gardens property pulled up.


Jack almost jumped out of his pants trying to get on. We couldn’t say no.










It was a day full of all of Jack’s favorite things 🙂 Carolyn was totally into the animals on the train ride, she kept yelling and pointing and trying to climb out of the train.

Saturday night we all hung out at home.






more banh mi (I had leftover sauce and radishes I needed to use), served with a baked potato on the side (slathered with coconut oil, and topped with spring onions, chives, nutritional yeast, salt, and garlic powder).

And cupcakes!


Sunday was fairly low-key-






we did a big pancake breakfast in the morning with plenty of strawberries, and then I went for a run. The kids played a little with the iPad, and Jack mastered the art of the selfie:








Sunday night was donation yoga night at Yogasphere- so good. I am slowly transitioning back into practicing in a studio, and I missed it terribly. At this point in my yoga practice, I don’t feel that I get as much out of my at-home practice because I need more guidance than I or the computer can give. Plus the energy is so much better, and I don’t run the risk of little people knocking me over while I’m in Dancing Shiva.

Yesterday was a nonstop downpour, so we opted to stay inside and prep food. First up: cinnamon bun granola!


Also, grilled romaine salads topped with spring onions, dill, chives, salt, a squeeze of lime, and plenty of kimchee:


Grilled romaine is one of my favorite things ever. The flavor is just so unique, and grilling lettuce is a great way to spice up what would have been a same-old, same-old salad.


We also made almond croissants (paired with Red Chai tea).

And for dinner:


Roasted asparagus, roasted zucchini, and quinoa, all topped with homemade scape pesto.


I actually made three batches of the pesto, and froze two. I am being hopeful, and planning to keep it for the winter months, but it’s really outrageous, I’m just not certain it will last the summer…

I finished the day with a decaf latte and a soft pretzel at Starbucks while looking over some stories for tomorrow’s workshop. I met Ash and Chris Kim for a (or three) beers at Isaac’s, and went home to finish my edits.

This morning we cracked out the granola and dumped it over coconut yogurt with some strawberry chia jam. Such an easy, tasty breakfast!


A lot of these meals are test-runs to experiment with different meals for when I’m away next week. I’m trying to make everything as easy as possible so the kids don’t end up eating Cats Cookies for breakfast (that actually happened -.-). The yogurt bowls are perfect, because everything is just spooned into the dish.

While the kids napped, I dug through the fridge and took out any sautee-able greens. Turnip tops, dandelion greens, and bok choy! Into the cast iron for a few minutes, followed by two Milk House eggs:


The eggs cook while the greens wilt, but the yolk stays runny and becomes the perfect sauce for the greens. Topped with leftover scape pesto and chives.

We don’t eat eggs very often- about once a month. I buy them from a local farm, so we’re comfortable with their source and I am able to see the chickens and know that they’re out in a field and not cooped up in awful cages with their feathers falling out. However, I still believe that they are something special- it takes a chicken’s body a lot of work to produce an egg, and they should be treated with respect. For us, they’re a very special treat- something to look forward to. It really elevates the egg to another level 😉

While the kids were asleep, I got an email from our CSA farmers inviting members to come by the farm and u-pick a quart of strawberries. Wahoo! As soon as the kids woke up we were out the door.


It was such a good day to be in the fields! Not too hot, with a great breeze and lots of sun 🙂


I picked, and the kids snacked. Jack loves picking, and even tried to run over to the pea plants. It was really tough keeping Carolyn from picking the yellow, unripe strawberries, so I don’t think I’ll bring her with me next time, for the sake of the plants.



We had a visitor toward the end of our picking:






This is the cat that followed me around during the foraging workshop. He’s super sweet, and was lounging under the strawberry bushes while we finished up.


We snacked on mulberries o the way back to the car. I had only ever had them dried and pre-packaged. What a difference! There was a group of us pulling branches down and plucking off the berries.


I am so in love with this farm.


Now it’s almost six, Luis is on his way home, and I’ve got a run scheduled, followed by an hour of Vinyasa. Dinner is so shameful- rice and black beans with TJ’s salsa dumped on top. I’m probably going to throw that all onto a salad, just to get some green on the plate. Tomorrow is a long day of running, hot yoga, grocery shopping, food prep, and a writing workshop. Hoping for a full night of sleep tonight.

Friday is takeoff! My flight leaves for Minneapolis at 5:36, and then I’ll be gone for ten days. I am very, very excited, and also rather nervous, but I’m busting my butt to get everything in place to try to avoid any confusion or hiccups while I’m gone. Despite having this awesome trip planned, a small part of me is bummed I’m missing next week’s workshop. I believe I would classify that as dedication. Or passion. You choose.


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