Thursday: CSA Week 5.

It IS week 5, right? I’m losing track. Because I was away last week, I wasn’t able to do an overview of the week’s share. I came home to the bulk of it rotting in a bag on the kitchen floor. No further discussion necessary. I’m pleased to report that today’s share has been sorted and is safely packed into our fridge 🙂


Left to right: swiss chard, romaine lettuce, early radiccio, 3 lb of summer squash, stinging nettle, 2 heads of fennel, red basil, classic basil, dill, cilantro, garlic scapes, snap peas, green beans, red leaf lettuce, frisee, 3 lb cucumbers, 1 bunch kohlrabi, 1 bunch crimson turnips, and 1 bunch beets.

For whatever reason, this week’s share feels HUGE. I don’t know if maybe it’s the variety of produce, but it felt like it went on forever. There was a bit more from the U-pick field- raspberries and sour cherries, but we ate them before I could get a picture 😡 Peas, beans, and herbs were also U-pick. Jack totally rocked it with the beans- he picked this entire bowl!


Meanwhile, I got going on the snap peas…


I can’t believe we’re still getting snap peas! This is the second round of plants, and I’m wondering how many there will be- they’re some of my favorites, and especially convenient since the kids will snack on them throughout the day.


The garlic scapes have been my favorite part of the share, but unfortunately we’ve only been able to save one of our frozen batches of pesto- it’s just been so delicious, impossible to resist. Whoops! If there are any at the farmers market this Saturday, I’m going to sweep up ten pounds and make a huge batch of pesto. I know I’ll thank myself come December.

These cucumbers caught my eye from across the barn- check out those colors!


The white and orange ones are heirloom varieties, and a bit sweeter than the green. We sliced half of them and tossed them in vinegar, olive oil, s&p to make a simple (yummy) salad to snack on.


I’m trying to use as much of this share for Jack’s party as possible, just to unload a chunk of it. I have a full share, but nowhere near enough mouths to eat everything that we get. I’m also trying to get creative with it, instead of the standard chop-roast-sautee options. I’m really looking forward to doing something fun with the purple basil…


I also made it to Milk House for eggs and raspberries, as well as a pint of cherry tomatoes- the first of the season!


They were delicious 😉

Speaking of tomatoes….


Check out these little green guys! I found a number of tomatoes on my plants when I got home from Los Angeles- so not only did they survive my absence, but they’ve begun to produce fruit! I’m really looking forward to garden-fresh tomatoes this summer 🙂

I’m still adjusting to being home- there’s just been so much happening this week, and it isn’t going to slow down until Monday morning, so it’s been a rush to keep it all straight and keep up with everything. Yesterday I centered myself with an invitation to Ganesh to send light and wisdom my way, in preparation for Grad school apps and all the testing I’ll be doing over the next year. For anyone who hasn’t ever joined in a Ganapathy Tarpanam, it’s a ritual involving a leaf, turmeric, water, and mantra. Six pages of this:


Each mantra repeated four times, and each time you chant “Tarpayami namaha,” you spoon water over your leaf. By the end, I was feeling totally invigorated, albeit a bit lightheaded from the non-stop speaking. We sat with some tea and enjoyed the vibrations of the mantras, and afterward I felt more prepared to take on the week ahead. I’m really looking forward to Tea Time on Sunday- it’s restorative poses but with the added centering element of herbal teas.


I also picked up a new copy of the Bhagavad Gita. The last time I read it, I was in a totally different place in my life, and I don’t think I was really ready to receive its contents in a way that would most benefit my spiritual practice. It will be interesting to re-read. The more I delve into yoga beyond simple aerobic practice, the more answers I find to the bigger questions of my life. I suppose the best indication of this is that I am a happier, simpler, and more inquisitive and balanced person than I have been, perhaps ever in my life. Not perfect, but much better.

I took the kids to Tyler Park this morning. We initially met with a friend of mine and her daughter, but they had to get home for a nap, so the kids and I did some exploring.







Jack and I hiked just short of two miles through the woods while Carolyn hung out on my hip. Whew! It was hot, and we were all sweaty and gross by the end, so when we got home I ran a cool-ish bath for them and let them cool off and get clean. The extra exercise felt great, and it helped the kids fall asleep more easily tonight. It’s definitely going to become a regular weekend activity 🙂

Saturday is going to be a day to remember. It seems like we’re going to have a big group, and I’m looking forward to watching Jack enjoy his birthday party. Tomorrow I’m off to New York to pick up Patty and a desk, and then it’s time to hit the kitchen for food prep! I’m settling in for six or seven hours of uninterrupted snoozing before Jack pries my eyes open and announces it’s time to watch a movie (at 7 am). Today was a long one, and somehow I don’t think tomorrow will be an improvement. It’s a good thing I’ve got a sound mind, two great brothers, inspirational friends, a solid spiritual practice, and above all, two great kids- otherwise, I’d be in dire straits! 😉

“Be a light unto yourself.”



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