Jack’s Birthday Weekend!

WOW, it’s been a wild week! I can’t believe I haven’t been on here to write about Jack’s Third Birthday! We had a party for him last Saturday, two days before his actual birthday. What a blast we had- between spending time with all of our friends, enjoying the day, and stuffing ourselves with delicious food, it was just perfect.


It rained in the days leading up to the party, as well as the days following, but somehow Saturday was gorgeous and rain-free. Patty came the night before to assist with the cooking, and thank god she did- I really needed the help! We made A LOT of food:









I was told that the food was outstanding, which was exciting to hear, since it was not only entirely vegan, but also organic and gluten free- even the cake! I wanted to showcase delicious, healthy food- the food that the kids and I eat every day- without sacrificing flavor or scaring people with strange and unfamiliar ingredients. I believe it was a success!










We employed my brother to hold the pinata while the kids (and some adults) busted it open!






Jack loved having all of his favorite people together in one place 🙂

After the kids went to bed, some of the adults hung around and boozed it up in the backyard. We got a bonfire going, along with a few games of cornhole, followed by guitars, singing, and hat poetry. A great end to the night!


Jack was out of his head, between all of the people and the presents, the food and fun, it was almost too much for him. I kept imagining how much fun it will be to one day host the kids’ birthday parties in our own home- which isn’t too terribly far in the future!

Abby and Eli came to stay for the party, and ended up hanging out for most of the rest of the week. I can’t fit all four kids in my car, so in order to get Eli and Abby back to New York, Luis had to stay with Jack and Cal. The only day that ended up working out for everyone was Thursday, so they ended up spending the week with us.





Unfortunately, it rained the ENTIRE time they were here, which meant we were stuck inside. I somehow managed to survive a five-day four-child madness marathon by building them forts and letting them sit inside and finger paint.



My cousin Lisa had come to visit from Connecticut for Jack’s party, and we managed to get all of the kids over to visit our grandmother:



It was a big group- eight children! So fun 🙂

Jack and Abby were my assistants, accompanying me on most of my errands while Cal and Eli got some Papi time. We managed to catch a few dry hours- long enough to get over to Milk House.


We also went blueberry picking at Solebury Orchards! I was determined to get Abby out there during her visit- she LOVED the blueberries I bought at the Saturday market, and she hadn’t ever been to a farm/orchard before. I initially thought we’d just go up and pick up a few pre-picked containers, but it was so beautiful outside, it felt like a crime not to take advantage of the weather. Also, pick-your-own was so much cheaper than the pre-picked- we got three overflowing quart containers for $10 (which would have been $18 otherwise), plus extra snackage while we were picking. Exercise AND a savings? Win!





They loved it- we picked three quarts, and I sent one of them home to New York with Abby. We ate another quart, and froze the last one. Jack, Cal and I will be returning on Thursday to replenish 🙂

Monday was Jack’s actual birthday, and although we had a party for him two days before, I still wanted to do a little something to acknowledge his day. He’ll only ever turn three once! My Mum, Emily and I took him to Starbucks for a hot chocolate 🙂


I also managed to bake a dozen cupcakes, and Emily iced them. We did a little cake-and-candle celebration after dinner 🙂






Happy Birthday to my favorite little boy! 🙂

I won’t go on too much about what we’ve been up to this past week- there’s just too much to say, so I’ll save it for tomorrow, but I do want to note that Jack ran his first race on Saturday morning!


I had registered for the Run Over Cancer 5k to support research for pancreatic cancer, and they were offering a kids’ 1/4 mile fun run prior to the 5k, so I signed Jack up! It was AWESOME, I can not even tell you. Jack wasn’t 100% sure what he was doing there at first, but he seemed to get the general idea as we stood near the starting line. He was also really excited that we both had racing bibs on 🙂 As we waited for his race to begin, I told him he was going to run all the way around the track, and he got excited and tried to take off immediately. Whoops.


Carolyn wanted to run too 🙂 Next year!


Waiting for the start….





I snapped a few photos as they took off, and then jogged across the field to meet him on the second turn. He was one of the littlest runners, so he was way in the back of the pack and I knew he might not be able to run the entire loop.


He blew me away, and ran the entire thing while I jogged next to him on the grass. Toward the end he reached out his hand and shouted, “hold my hand, Mama!,” and we ran the rest of the way and crossed the finish line together.


My heart 🙂


I can’t describe how it felt to watch Jack enjoying a sport I have come to love so deeply. I want to encourage him and Carolyn to pursue whatever truly fulfills them, and if the things I cherish and value most don’t fulfill them the way they do for me, then I will respect and understand that. However, it just stopped my heart to see my little guy with a racing bib on, smiling and rounding the final curve of the track. I am so, so proud of him 🙂

The 5k was just a few minutes after the kids’ race, but the temperature was already climbing into the high eighties. It was absolutely brutal- I struggled through the entire race, between the heat and a blister that formed on my heel during the first half-mile, I was absolutely dragging. Fortunately, I had a wonderful cheering squad to keep my spirits up!


Seriously though, this blister. It is way too gross to post here, but I’ll tell you it covers the entire back of my left heel and is the color of a red delicious apple. It also hurts like hell. I want to tell you that I am sidelined for the week, but I got impatient and cranked out a quick mile today. Pain beyond pain, but it needed to happen- I am so excited for the half marathon in the Fall, the last thing I want is to have to walk part of it because of poor training.

We have, of course, had a busy end-of-week and weekend, and I am looking forward to sharing pictures and stories with you guys tomorrow. Also, some pictures from last week’s CSA share, and a rundown on my brand new yoga mat. Namaste!


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