Color Run 2013 Packet Pickup.


Packet pickups are one of my favorite parts of racing. It’s so exciting seeing so many runners getting together and revving up for the race ahead, not to mention all the free swag! This is my second year running in the Color Run (and only the second year for the Color Run!), and it was fun to think back to last year’s pickup.


Last year, packet pickup was at the starting line location, in front of the Philly Art Museum. I remember it being very crowded, which meant long lines for bib pickup and swag grab. This year was much more relaxed- pickup was at the King of Prussia Sports Authority, and it was relatively tame. We were in and out in under fifteen minutes!


I started getting excited as soon as I saw the signature flags 🙂


Just like last year, I brought my sidekicks along for the ride 🙂


J and C, Color Run packet pickup 2012! Fun fact: Jack actually wore that same shirt this year, too, along with a new pair of blue TOMS. Total accident!

I think they’re beginning to get used to the racing scene 😉 Jack helped me pick out gear, while Carolyn hung out in her usual spot- my right arm. The Color Run definitely has the best gear of any 5k:



Last year’s pickup:


In the runner’s packet:


Official race t-shirt! This thing is SOFT! Definitely not the cheap-o unisex t-shirts most races use. So comfy!


Racing bib, ready to get all colored up (and then pinned on the cork board!)


Temporary tattoo and pins.


Another temporary tattoo- this one is new from last year!


Colored sunscreen 🙂 THIS stuff is going to be awesome!




…and last year’s!


Wristband- for the after party, I assume.


And, of course, color packets! I got purple- my favorite color!

I also picked up some official gear. This is my very favorite race, and I love using my Color Run stuff throughout the year, remembering races past and looking forward to the next one 🙂


Another bumper sticker!


And a window decal. My car is pretty much a rolling Color Run advertisement.


Ribbon hair ties!


Supersoft pink v-neck!


Color run drawstring bag! These are soooo much nicer than last year- they’re made with a sturdier fabric and have a zipper pocket inside. Here is last year’s (looking a little shabby):


Also, I picked up a shirt for Carolyn. Jack got one last year, and it still fits him, so I thought it was only fair that Carolyn get one this year!


So cute!

This weekend is totally rocking my world- I’m jumping out of my skin for the run tomorrow, but tonight I’m carpooling with three of my oldest, closest friends to attend the wedding of another old, dear friend of ours, along with a huge group of friends from high school and college. It is going to be such a wonderful celebration, so it’s hard to look too much forward to the Color Run with a beautiful wedding to attend tonight!

On a smaller note, LOOK!


A ripening tomato! Okay, to be honest, I’m actually not sure if it’s ripening or ripe, because I’m not sure what variety of cherry tomato it is (yellow or red). Whoops! I’m going to wait a few days and see how it looks. I am so excited to have my own tomatoes- they’re a real summer treat. For us, tomatoes are like strawberries- buying them out-of-season feels like tossing our money away. They just aren’t the same as freshly-picked, in-season fruit, so we wait and enjoy them in-season.

I have to scramble the kids together and pack them up for an afternoon at my friend’s mother’s house. They have an afternoon of tea parties and digging in the garden to look forward to, and I have yoga, Barre3, a shower, and an afternoon rendezvous with a friend, all before heading out to the wedding at 2:30. I should also clean out my car. Eeek! Here’s to another great weekend! 🙂



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