Enter: Springtime!

DANG! It’s been a while since I checked in here- oh, surprise! Truthfully, I’ve bee so busy with school and life that I just haven’t wanted to spend any more time in front of my computer than I already have to for school. However, the kids and I have been having all kinds of wonderful adventures lately, and I thought I’d pop in and let you in on the fun. I’m going to try to be in here at least once a week, especially since spring is waiting in the eaves and our CSA will be starting soon 🙂

So what have we been up to? A few words to sum it up: Starbucks, school, poetry, skinny pants, Lululemon, New York, JUICE, carrots, uncles, hibachi, walking, doughnuts, Moroccan ginger chicken, library story time, live bands, clothing swap, playground. WARNING: Photo-crazy.

We had a big snow on February 9th, and Jack had a great time digging around with his little shovel while Mommy photographed everything to death.




Carolyn stayed inside with my Mum- she wasn’t walking yet, and it was a little too cold to have her just hanging out in my arms.



Later that day, we went over to M.’s for her engagement party!!! The kids had a great time- there were so many other children running around, all about the same age, so they spent the whole party playing and running around. Afterwards, I dropped the kids off at home with Luis, and went back out to meet M and co. for hibachi at Ooka.





Vegetarian hibachi special- totally delicious, but I woke up the next morning with a terrible breakout all over my face. I suspect MSG or something with a similar gross-factor. I was honestly having so much fun, and the restaurant is a nicer restaurant, I just didn’t think to ask if they used anything strange in their sauces. Rookie mistake!

The biggest development in our house has been Carolyn’s walking. It was so sudden, one day she was almost exclusively crawling, and the next day, full-on walking! No slow transition, no stumbling steps for a few weeks…just, BAM, mobile. I’m so excited for her, I know the independence is something she really needed.

We’ve been going with some friends to a story hour at a local library. It’s really nice, because I have been taking Carolyn by herself. All of the kids are her age- there aren’t any older kids for Jack to play with- and the activities and toys are geared more towards littler children, so it works out well. Jack gets to go to the Barnes and Noble music and story time, which is much busier and designed for older toddlers.



We’ve also been in and out of New York plenty- J & C love going into the city, so I’m trying to make that happen at least twice a month.






Also, I picked up a new pair of TOMS from the Spring collection. I am so in love with them! I usually stick to basic colors and canvas, but the flowers on these are embroidered, so they’re really lovely looking.


Lately, when we’ve been in New York, the kids have hung out uptown with Luis and Eli, and I’ve been free to go downtown to meet friends and eat dinner with two hands 🙂 This trip, Patty and I did the usual Babycakes run before heading to Atlas Cafe.


Love, love Babycakes 🙂


Atlas Cafe, home of the greatest menu ever.


Veggie “egg” rolls!


Moroccan ginger un-chicken (and rice)- one of the greatest foods in the world.


Patty bought me a cake for Valentine’s Day. It was so delicious. She is so amazing.

Valentine’s Day was spent with the kids, driving out to the Cinnamon Snail kitchen for some food from their V-Day menu!


Rosemary walnut crusted tofu with smoked tea roasted root vegetables, whole grain French mustard marinated kale, and roasted chestnut bread pudding. Topped with port wine balsamic reduction, smoked onion marmalade, and fried sage leaves. NOM.


Handmade chocolates: meyer lemon, passionfruit cream filled, smoked Alaskan salted caramel, Ethiopian Berbere spiced ganache.


Doughnuts O.o

Speaking of the Snail, I had the wonderful opportunity to see Adam Sobel speak at the NYC Vegetarian Food festival this year! I scored VIP weekend tickets to the festival, along with a ticket to the after party to benefit Mercy for Animals!


The Snail, front and center. It’s a NYC vegan institution!


Adam giving a casual but incredibly insightful talk on living more sustainably and working to constantly refine our habits and actions to benefit the planet.


Bag o’ stuff!


Vegan spicy veggie mango avocado sushi with black rice.


The Sweet & Sara marshmallow booth, PACKED- who’s surprised?




Vegan gyros.



Going home with plenty to keep me busy on the train 🙂








I actually ended up meeting an old friend of mine from NY after the foo festival, and finally got to see her adorable apartment! We got dinner at Cafe Blossom, which was just a few blocks from her- I had been meaning to go, but didn’t really want to try to bring the kids, so this was perfect!


Raw rolls with coconut sticks and sweet potato wraps!


We split the entree special- marinated bbq tempeh over potato salad with tempeh bacon, and salsa topped with avocado and sunflower sprouts. Outrageous.


Key lime pie with cashew whipped cream! I’m pretty sure this was raw, as well. Again, delicious!

We ended up leaving the restaurant and heading to her friend’s apartment for a clothing swap! I was by myself, and it was such a treat to hang out with a bunch of girls and bottles of wine, swapping old clothes and laughing. Totally awesome.

Some quick food stuff:


We’ve been making our own almond milk- hurrah! No more creepy thickeners and subtle preservatives, this stuff is truly all-natural.


Our new go-to smoothie: banana, power greens, frozen raspberries and mango, carrots, topped with cacao powder and almond milk (and protein powder, for Momma). YUM.


The latest food obsession: carrot sticks. The kids are ALL OVER these, and to be honest, it’s a great snack to have on hand. They’re so sweet and delicious! Today we paired them with hummus 🙂


A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of seeing a good friend of mine perform with her band at a local restaurant. She was so awesome!



So proud to know her 🙂

I have been doing the March: Run Every Day Challenge, and so far, so good! I have been really bad at logging my workouts- whoops- but at least they’re happening. I have been biking to school a fair amount. So. awesome. It’s three miles each way, so if I only bike there for one class, it’s still six miles. I’m feeling really good, and that’s enough to keep me moving!

FINALLY, we’ve been hitting up the park a fair amount. Yesterday we kept it local, but it was still exciting because it was Carolyn’s first time as a walking lady at the playground! The last time we were there, she was just crawling, and I didn’t want her rolling around in the wood chips. Yesterday she got to run around the playground, climb, and go down the slides. Woohoo!



The kids and I jumped on the Zulily TOMS sale! For the original price of my boots, I got the boots AND classics for the kids. Score!









So…..that’s a solid gloss-over of our goings-on!  I wish I could have gotten more into detail about the Food Festival and Adam’s talk. I’m going to try to get in here more often, so as to properly capture all of these amazing things that have been happening. In the meantime, thanks for sticking with me! Now we’re off to the lake to do a loop and nosh on Jules. Looking forward to Springgggg!!!!!


Juicing: Day Two.

No pictures or recipes here- just a quick update on my juice fast, my day, and everything that falls between them. Let’s be honest here: today I felt like CRAP. Truly awful- exhausted, dizzy, and craving all kinds of food. Among other things, I wanted: a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a nice, crunchy apple, stir-fry, sesame soba salad, cupcakes, and chocolate. I spent the greater part of my day sipping juice, silkscreening, and thinking about FOOD. I was feeling overwhelmingly light-headed during class and had to leave to sit in the hallway with my head between my knees.

I almost broke. It took an immense amount of restraint not to go running up to the cafeteria on my break and scarf down a grilled veggie sandwich. But I didn’t. I held my ground, stuck with the fast, and boy, do I feel better for it. There is definitely a satisfaction here. The self control I am able to exhibit is reassuring- it tells me that I can push myself when I need to, that I can do things that are really really difficult. It makes me feel strong. All the food in the world is waiting for me at the end of this fast- giant salads buried under a mountain of veggies, kabobs fresh off the grill, gooey cashew butter sandwiches on quinoa bread. I can’t and won’t fast forever, and so having the discipline and the patience to simply wait this fast out becomes a bit more achievable, once I realize that all of the things I want are waiting for me on the other side.

I am looking forward to looser pants. To feeling better about myself. To being able to move my body the way I want to. To throwing on any old thing and still looking like I give a damn. To achieving more in my yoga practice. To running faster and farther. To have even more energy to expend with Jack and Carolyn. These are all things within my reach, but I have to pursue them.

Speaking of pursuing, I am car shopping like a maniac! The Subaru finally met its match in the form of a busted radiator/worn out tie rod, and rather than pouring more money into it, we’re hunting for a replacement. I’m actually sad about it- I loved my car, but after missing class last Wednesday and dealing with continuous breakdowns all weekend, I came to terms with the fact that it just doesn’t have much more in it without a serious financial investment. So we’re exploring other options (read: Muranos and Rogues). I’m really just looking for something reliable, that will last me a good while and get me around safely. Fingers crossed that the magic happens this weekend!

I spent most of today looking forward to opening the package that landed on my doorstep at 2:10 this afternoon. Lululemon can right any wrong. Now I am off for a much-needed shower (tmi?) and cranking out a quick poem before sleep overtakes me. Yoga tomorrow bright and early, followed by the back-and-forth dance between Hamilton and Bucks. Gotta love Wednesdays!