CSA, Week 6.

Week 6? Week 8? I’m losing count- according to the blog, it’s week 6, but the U-pick board in the barn says week 8. Not that it really matters πŸ™‚ It’s been such a joy being a member of this CSA- I really look forward to my pickup each week, and have been thrilled with the quality and variety of veggies we’ve received. I’m over the moon!


L to R: collards, 2 heads of lettuce, 4 beets, 3 heads of red cabbage, 1 bunch dill, 2 bunches of basil, 1 bunch sage, 1 bunch cilantro, 1 bunch spicy oregano, 3 eggplant, 4 long hot peppers, 2 jalepeno peppers, 4 purple peppers, 2 quarts of wax beans, 1 bunch sage, 1 big bunch stinging nettle, 4 pounds summer squash, 2 fennel bulbs, 4 pounds of cukes, and 1 bunch of scallions.

Also, flowers πŸ™‚


U-pick is definitely my favorite part of pickup. It can get hot in the field, and you get dirty and sweaty, but there is something so satisfying about being out there, picking your own vegetables and feeling really connected to the world. I’m not sure if I’ve explained the U-pick before, and I know not every CSA does it. We pick our share up from inside the barn, and on the wall there is a chalkboard with the week’s U-pick share. I usually snap a picture with my phone, so while I’m out in the field I can remember what I’m doing, but they also provide scrap paper and pens.


Eric came with us to check out the farm and help pick beans! It was so fun to show him around and share the experience with him!

I am loving all the purple this week:


As I was taking this picture, I realized I probably should have picked up some purple basil to keep with the purple theme, but I went for the Thai instead to keep things fresh πŸ™‚


We picked allllll these beans! It was really helpful to have someone else picking with me.


More cucumbers, which is okay by me- I can’t get enough! I’ve been eating them sliced and tossed in vinegar and pink salt, on their own, or as an alternative to crackers and chips in dip. Bonus: the kids love them!


I also clipped a big bunch of nettle, because NETTLE! Unfortunately, I forgot my gardening gloves, so my hands were a little itchy from the stingers. I rubbed plantain leaves on them for a few minutes, and now they’re all sorted out.

I have to say, I was most excited about the flowers πŸ™‚ I usually buy flowers when I go to Trader Joe’s, but there are special because Jack helped me pick them. They really brighten up the living room!



Other than CSA pickup, today was relatively low-key. Luis was off of work, so I tried to be as productive as possible. I managed clearing a sink full of dishes, THREE loads of laundry, and a 30-minute morning yoga session, followed by a trip to the playground to let the kids let off some steam.Β They needed it!

Lunch was my new favorite thing:


Chickpea salad! Just like egg salad, except more delicious and nutritious! And cheaper, because dried chickpeas are only $1.69/lb!

I may or may not have been eating this for the past three days…obsessed. I love piling it on top of toasted Flax Oatbran bread with whole grain dijon, chard, and avocado, but I only do a half-sandwich so I don’t go overboard with the bread (calorically speaking). Paired with chunky tomato bisque and oyster crackers:


The perfect lunch for a lazy Thursday!

Dinner tonight is all Luis- fried potato cakes with salsa, avocado, and freshly made tortillas! Yum πŸ™‚



I’m off to yoga at eight, followed by a quick drink with a friend, so I’m working my way through a salad. Fried food and asanas just don’t mix, but it’s good to know they’ll be waiting for me when I get home! πŸ˜€

This weekend is a little nuts- tomorrow is Barre3 in the afternoon followed by Color Run packet pickup, and seeing another friend in the evening. Saturday morning we’ll be at the farmer’s market, and then I’m off to a wedding! One of my friends from high school is getting married, and I am so excited, I can’t wait to see her and everyone at the wedding, and to celebrate her new life with her soon-to-be husband πŸ™‚ Sunday I’m up early, early, EARLY to be in Philly for the Color Run with some friends, and then yoga in the evening to wind down. Monday I have NO plans, and that is FINE with me πŸ™‚ Here’s to an action-packed weekend! I’ll be in to report on my adventures, and will definitely do a full Color Run race recap. Last year was phenomenal, and I’m looking forward to another great race his year πŸ™‚



Easter in NYC.

It’s been non-stop action over here this past week. I somehow managed to get the majority of my homework done tonight, which frees me up considerably for the weekend. I’m looking forward to doing not much of anything, although I am making a trip into Philly. I am writing a paper on a Rodin sculpture, and I need to take a good look at the piece in person before I proceed any further with analysis. Other than that, things are looking pretty loose and delightfully easy, which is fine by me πŸ™‚

The kids had their first real Easter last Sunday! We don’t celebrate it in a religious sense, but we are upholding the Easter basket tradition. This was Jack’s first year really grasping the concept, and it was a blast to watch him get excited for his basket.


They each got one toy- Carolyn got the Melissa and Doug stacking/nesting blocks, and Jack got a Chuggington floor puzzle (because ALL HE WANTS TO DO RIGHT NOW is puzzles!). They each got a snack (Pirate’s Booty and Annie’s bunny grahams), a packet of Justin’s pb cups, fruit leather, and Annie’s fruit snacks (which are VEGAN, hooray!). I also stuck a little teddy bear in Carolyn’s basket- I didn’t think Jack would mind. πŸ™‚ It was a really fun morning.

We actually spent the majority of our day in New York- Luis stopped by to see his family. Their daughter Samantha is Carolyn’s age, and it was so cute watching them together!



After family time, we grabbed some lunch at one of my favorite veg-friendly cafes, Atlas.


Moroccan ginger “chicken,” one of my favorite things ever.


Empanada, NOM.


Jack loves his green juice!



Juice baby πŸ™‚

I dropped Luis and the kids off uptown to hang out with Eli and Abi, and I headed into Queens to meet one of my very best friends.


Patty and I walked around Long Island City for a bit. She showed me a huge and wonderful health food store near her work where they sell these incredible sweet potato tortilla chips…



They were delicious, and surprisingly not as unhealthy as I would have expected. They’re made with chia and flax, which gives them a huge boost and adds a wonderful fresh crunch.


Crumbled on top of yummy lentil soup! We also got some wonderful tea from a local coffee/tea shop- they have the tea loose, and they bag it to order in these adorable little hemp bags. I didn’t get a picture, but that’s okay, because there will definitely be a next time!

Every time I go to New York, I remember why I love it so much. Not necessarily living there, because looking back I think it really wound me up in a terrible way, but the city itself is so special. The moment you think you know it, and that it has nothing else to surprise you with, is the moment you’ll find yourself in total awe. Patty and I braved the wind and walked down to the water in LIC, and we were treated to a gorgeous view of the East River and Lower Manhattan! We only stayed long enough to snap a few photos, but I am already looking forward to summer days eating lunch on that dock!







We left Queens and rushed over to Babycakes for our usual frosted fare:





Ridiculous, but I couldn’t resist all of the adorable Easter-themed sweets! The kids loved the little bunnies, and Jack and I split the chocolate-dipped coconut marshmallow chick. Yum!

We worked our way uptown, getting stuck in some crazy traffic on Canal Street, and met Miho and another friend of hers for Indian food in Patty’s neighborhood. Luis actually came down with the kids halfway through our meal. Carolyn slept through most of it, but Jack got his first taste of traditional Indian food. It was a huge hit!


papadum- crunchy, crispy, deliciously spiced flatbread.


served with yummy dipping sauces- I liked the topmost one the best, sweet and smoky!


salad (double, because I opted out of the yogurt dressing), sweet potato red curry, cauliflower yellow curry, some kind of squash bisque, brown rice, and a potato cake.




On the way out, you were instructed to take a fortune from an ornamental box. They also had this tray out- cardamom pods, some other kind of spice, and crunchy-sweet little candies.

The restaurant was really interesting- it was entirely vegetarian, and vegan/gluten-free upon request. There was a set price, and that covered the entire meal, including dessert. Ours was a sweet carrot confection made with coconut milk- delicious. There is no a la carte menu- whatever they are serving that night is what you eat. I really enjoyed it, it was a fun place to meet friends and try new and interesting foods together. It helped that everything was to die for.

That about sums up our Easter! I’m going to spare you the never ending photo-show and continue our week in a new post, probably sometime tomorrow. We went up to Lake Galena on Monday and found a tee-pee in the woods! More to come….